Honestly I wish break would never end, but just like every good thing in life it must come to an end. I realized over the weekend that I have let things change, too much. Therefore my New Years revolution is to restore the hierarchy of this high school. Chloe Bitner was supposed to be the queen bee in charge, but so far she is doing nothing. I am taking over. Step aside Chlo, Meagan is back and this time hotter than ever, with a mean side. Realistically, once gossip girl ended on television I think all of us here realized how much we loved the old ways, after all they are the best ways. Scheming is back in and so are lace tights. Im in charge again so watch out and dont mess with me. There wont be any "lonely boy" in my life and as for the real life site that is taking over my life... "Manhattan Gossip" post what ever you want about me, you know I'm never going to take you seriously.

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