First day of school is almost here yea I am so excited and I am sure u are to. But don't get to excited on the first day and go all out. Keep it simple and cute. Fresh and fun but definitely not over the top 

Keep ur makeup simple on the first day. Natural beauty is always the best look Especially on the first day. Don't put up a front and cake on the makeup

I made a big mistake I bought a backpack that doesn't go with any of my clothes. That's a problem !! Get a backpack that is a solid color / prints can clash with ur outfit. Make sure ur bag isn't to big/ that can take away from u & ur outfit

For the first day try a crazy/ cute braid. Don't go all out with ur hair like I said natural beauty is key.
But def try to do a snazzy hairstyle later on in the week.

Make sure ur comfortable in ur outfit because when ur comfortable ur confident! I suggest for ur outfit choose one statement piece (in this set its the skirt.) Add a dab of jewlery. Skirts are a perfect balance of simple/cute fashion. This first week try to wear all bottoms. Pants/ skirts/ shorts/ dress/ leggings. 

Have a wonderful first week. 
Confidence on the first day will help u along the way( kinda cheesy but very true)

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