I feel like I haven't been on Polyvore in ages! This is my first 'official' roleplay set for 'a forest'. Hope you like!

1st- Our first day in the forest. Decorate your tree houses with your cottage mates and get to know one another!

My first day in the forest. Here I was. I have a habit of expecting things to be more exciting than they actually are. But this is one experience, I knew would live up to my expectations.
I stared around me, the forest was so, so beautiful. 


I turned around abruptly to face the direction of the voice.

'You're Paulina, right?', a girl asked me. She was gorgeous, with a Mediterranean look about her.

'Yep, that's me!' I answered cheerfully. The girl looked quite friendly.
'I'm Giselle. I think we are roommates. Cool, right?'
'Very cool,' I replied. 'We're in Willow house, I think and we're also sharing with Aspen.'

I set off with Giselle to look for our home. Walking through the forest, with no cares in the world, a cool breeze and birdsong. Was there anything better this?

'There it is!' Giselle said, cutting through my thoughts. I followed her pointing finger to a cottage, well more like a tree cottage. 
We clambered up the rope ladder and carefully stepped into the cottage. It was so comfy and warm. One large room, which I presumed was the kitchen and living room, was nice, but quite bare. I walked deeper into the cottage to see three more rooms. Mine, Giselle's and Aspen's, the latter of which was yet to be seen.

While Giselle acquainted herself with the kitchen, I peered out of the window. I spotted a girl sitting on the forest floor. She was beautiful, and I had a feeling I knew her from somewhere.

'Hello!' I shouted out the window. 'Are you Aspen?
The girl turned around with a surprised look on her face and nodded.
'Come up! I'm Paulina, your new roommate!'

Aspen gracefully climbed up the ladder and tentatively stepped into Willow house.
'This is amazing...' she breathed, a look of utter bliss on her face.
'I'm glad you like it,' Giselle said, emerging from one of the bedrooms, 'but, it will look even better once it's decorated!'

While Aspen and Giselle introduced themselves and talked about the best way to decorate the house, I wandered into an untaken bedroom. I lay on the bed and grinned to myself. 
Life was going to be great.


Today is Paulina's birthday, which means its mine as well! I am officially a teenager :)
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