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Okay well it is already too late to publish this set but my feelings havent still calmed down.
I SAW JUNHYUNG, I SAW JUNHYUNG!!!!!!! Thats what I still keep telling myself ever now and then.
But yeah, the moment didnt go as perfectly or as planned because obviously there were fans in Maldives who get obsessed easily. People who didnt even care about Beast or Junhyung before suddenly fell in love with Junhyung and ran towards him like maniacs, leaving quiet fans like me in the back of the crowd. 
Whatever, at least I got to see him. Junhyung is forever going to remain special in my heart because finally, FINALLY, I saw a Kpop guy in real life and that lucky guy turned out to be him. 
I hope to see more Kpop idols in the future~~ 
#Junhyung #JunhyunginMaldives #B2st
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