So…I broke one of the rules and based my character off of someone. BUT Y’all I”LL NEVER KNOW WHO! Mwahahahahaha! 

This might be a sight character and if she’s a side character I might change her model to zawe ashton, she’s a motha-bada-ss…also, she kind of makes a good stella Maxwell replacement. They have the same sort of hair and facial features…could just be me. OR OR OR carey mulligan.

NAME: morocco pierce
AGE: 16
LIKES: the internet, long hair, shadows, cake, rhyming, clarinets, radio dramas, questioning people, her dad, electronics, film, smoking, fires, climbing, vespas.
DISLIKES: high heels (you can’t run in ‘em), sports, mass drinking, the color orange, clutches, most girly things, non-fiction, her sister, rhetorical questions, homophobes, grass.
POWER: self duplication.
POISON: she has yet to try anything (she likes having a room and someone to cook dinner for her, she’s no risking it). Well, she smoked once.
MUSIC TASTE: whatever she can illegally download.
OCCUPATION: none as of yet. (she does do hacks for friends)

Internet: ignorant, blunt, sarcastic, b-tchy, dishonest, arrogant, just a complete a-s-s, on the internet there is a dark change in behavior (of course never when chatting around a friend or un-anon) she basically becomes the joan rivers of chatrooms.
Real Life: truthful, mischievous, polite, quiet, realistic (but still imaginative), when she’s off she’s the nerd girl, ignored by most and she’s happy with that.

BIO: There are two Morocco’s. There is right here with you Morocco and then there is the Internet morocco. Most of the bad things she does or says happen on the internet. Morocco was born to a couple on the country side, Loretta and Morgan, a cute couple all doe eyed and waiting for life to meet them halfway but they kept making fatal errors. For instance moving to Bristol, on work Morgan needed to keep his job, they had a baby to take care of after all and Loretta was at home, trying to keep the baby from hearing anything happening outside. You could blame her for her introvert tendencies. The minute she discovered cyber space she was lost forever. As mentioned she is two very different people, when she’s off the computer she’s charismatic, she likes people but when she gets on and her identity is veiled, she can be the cruelest person you’ll ever meet. (think aaron Johnson in chatroom (I think that’s what the movie’s called)). She does have dreams for the future, she’d like to study some kind of science, probably computer considering how good she is with them now. And if that doesn’t work out? Well, I suppose criminal investigator could work, she could always just face the credentials. She really is two entirely different people and those few people who witness her in her anon. escapades know that she will take anyone she needs to down. Her parents have recently tried to crack down on her web time and she isn’t to happy, looks like someones cards are going to be maxed out soon enough.

Biggest Secret: she’s filmed multiple people having at each other and put it on the web, it’s sort of a hobby really. She thinks its funny. Who knows, she might have gotten you on tape once or twice.

loretta pierce – mother
morgan pierce – father
elisa pierce- sister
leslie pierce-briars – aunt
patrick pierce- briars – uncle 

MODEL: carey mulligan

TAKEN BY: @anahelenaliveshere

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself (about your past, what do you like, what you don’t, etc).
I grew up around here, yeah, I know nothing to exciting just another Bristol f-ck up. My parents are poor, well, not exactly but they might as well be poor, it’s just the way it is y’know but they get a sh-t load o’ money from my aunt and uncle because they wont leave ‘em be. I can make myself into two halves, Morocco two and Morocco me…I come from a sort of closed off religious family, I mean my aunt and uncle are religious, my mum dropped it when she turned eighteen and moved out so I only ever got the ‘you can’t see the world until your older’ bit of it. I mean I’ve never done drugs, I’m just afraid to. I like a lot of things, there are a lot of things to like. I do like wires, the way they wrap around the things and I like just dancing to music, even if it shouldn’t be danced to. There are just as many things to dislike, I may be a terrible person online but I hate homophobia, I mean, to me everyone is just another person to terrorize, there is no skin color no sexual orientation and all that sh-t.

2. What is your opinion on the mutations?
It’s a useful tool, gets me in a lot of fockin’ trouble though. I mean you see girls whippin’ out there powers all the time and then when they get out they can blow their way out of it, but me? I got this useful power that focks with yuh. Sometimes I feel like it belongs to the wrong people and that there are other people who deserve it more then I do or whatever other power someone had deserved to be in someone elses hands It’s a use thing, not a honor system or something. I just…it would be so much more useful for someone with social disadvantages to get invisible y’know? 

3. What was your reaction when you first noticed your super powers?
Well, how you react I you two sets of arms comin’ outta yeh? It was freaky, I mean eventually she totally…I totally came out of myself but before…god it was bloody awful. I mean imagine getting split in half, you feel like your being turned into jelly or something it’s like….ugh.

4. What do you think of your super power?
I think it’s pretty awesome, I mean come on, it’s so useful. I can be anywhere without actually being there. And my parents never have to know about it. Of course it’s bad during certain social situations but..y’know that unavoidable.

5. Have you told anyone about them? Why or why not?
My sister, but she didn't believe me and we both laughed it off. I think she's been telling my mum and dad that I'm a goner in the mind though, I swear they keep getting stricter and stricter. But other then that, no one suspects a thing.

6. What are you going to do with your abilities, use them for the good, the evil or just never use them?
Why use them for any cause? I mean I like being good but I like being evil...although both of them are to much work and I don't want to put in the effort. I have a life...sort of...some times...I guess. I mean, for personal use is sort of selfish which is bad so in theory i'm a bad guy...but i'm really bad at being a bad guy so i guess it's okay? No?

7. If there was some possible ‘cure’ for your super powers, would you take it?
No, I’ve gotten used to it now, it’s not like I can’t enjoy ‘em. Maybe if there had been when I was younger but I worked hard to make my power work out for me so I think it’s be awful to have to deal with

8. How’s your school life?
You know what? It’s just dandy, absolutely dandy. I just love hanging about with al the fru fru fair boys and the tall hot blondes that hang about. It’s absolutely perfection. I don’t go enough to have a real idea anyway, I’ve probably made a lot of enemies though, but nobody cares when your surfing the web so it all works out.
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