i am so sorry to those 12 champions that i have been a horrible game runnerer and have kept you waiting so long! i've been busy, and for those of you that know - i'm well, a big procrastinator! so, since i was very bored when i came up with the idea and seeing as the contest entry text box only allows 300 characters, i decided it would be the easiest option to make a set on it! :D and yes. this set has everyone's faces in it. 

[task:] this task i guess, could be defined as simple, but that really comes down to ones individual opinions. it's a scavenger hunt, in a ginormous maze! so basically without over complicating things, you need to find as many items as you can before the time runs out. when it does, you must NOT cheat, and i really mean this, must NOT cheat by trying to sneak and get items whilst the other champions are been taken back. now, it's not as easy as you think. there's a catch, because yes. there's always going to be a catch. 

the catch? there's only ONE of each item. and with 13 other players trying to get the same item as you are, things will get a teensy bit hectic. the one or two people who gets the least items, (or in RL situation case, the one or two people that did the weakest) will be eliminated from the tournament. it's clear that no one wants to be one of the first few gone. 

will alliances will be formed? will friends betray friends? and most importantly; will the ultimate prize of one thousand galleons and the all important; honour of being the winner of the triwizard tournament, get the best of everyone?

here is the list of ALL the items that will be hidden in the depths of the HUGE maze that has been built especially for this task*:

ϟ a pair of old boots
ϟ a copy of the popularish magazine; "the quibbler"
ϟ a copy of advanced potion making
ϟ a packet of paper clips
ϟ the latest edition of the wizarding world's very own; the daily prophet
ϟ a tea tray with a picture of the eiffel tower on it 
ϟ a pocket watch
ϟ a paper boat
ϟ a chocolate frog card with the deceased former headmaster at school, albus dumbledore
ϟ a golden snitch (i would reccomend to use the broomsticks pictured in the set to get this one)
ϟ a paper boat/hat/whateveryouwanttocallit
ϟ old vintage tickets like from carnivals and such
ϟ a bag (different to the bag you'll all have on you)
ϟ a notebook
ϟ an old key
ϟ a knight (chess piece)
ϟ a bottle of nail varnish
ϟ a teddy bear
ϟ a cute little key chain with big ben on the end
ϟ a miniature model of the hogwarts express
ϟ an empty bottle of butterbeer
ϟ a rusty old cauldron
ϟ a broken remembrall (kindly donated by professor longbottom himself)
ϟ a tea cup
ϟ a telescope
ϟ a pair of scales
ϟ a garden knome (NOT one of the muggle ones. you know which ones i'm talking about...)
ϟ a pair of odd socks
ϟ a tea pot
ϟ a tea cosy

* = not all the items are pictured in theset. 

but wait. the catches don't stop there. guarding each item is a puzzle, in which you'll have to figure it out. no, not all jigsaw puzzles. chess puzzles, logic puzzles. anything. this is really going to test your skills. and don't say this plays JUST to ravenclaw's strengths. it also plays to, hufflepuff (patience), gryffindor (courage, determination) and slytherin (ambition, competitiveness). just simply try your hardest and hope for the best! if good luck strikes, you'll be all goods! 

note: the really small items will not have things guarding it, because otherwise it'll be too easy to find them!

ϟ from the mighty house in black and yellow, let me introduce: bridgit rose! [@dovewings], mira oakland! [@bayersturm] and isla mayfair! [@topaz-39]

ϟ now, representing the brave old lions in gryffindor house: twilia clark! [@ancalime5], twyla robbins! [@azrielazazel] and the only two guys in the tournament, one of which was very controversial, lucas hartford and oliver winslow! [@neville-is-my-hero and @deborah-p]

ϟ next we have the blue claws! more commonly known as; RAVENCLAW!: hayley turpin! [@demi-justin-fan-gryffindor-queen], cassidy evans! [@jordan447] and.... eleanor demell! [@iheartny33]

ϟ finally, it's those sneaky snakes! slytherinnnn; mallory beogouris! [@deborah-p] ashley greamer! [@nofears] and calantha bexley! [@ap-lever]

- no mary sues or gary sues! (little miss/mr. perfects) just, no. i absolutely hate them. end of story. 
- effort put into your set is appreciated! dolls, mosaics, anything! just put effort into it please. 
- story effort is CRUCIAL! poor grammar and spelling mistakes REALLY piss me off at times. (even though i may not be the best speller myself)
- it you work in teams and let's say, one person gets two items and the other gets three, you both get 5 points because it was a team effort!
- no illegal performance enhancing potions! 

got any questions, ideas or suggestions? comment below! i'd be more than happy to help. :)

bam. every single person is in the set. 
and bam.  exactly 30 items in the maze. counted it meself. ^_^
this whole example set idea is COPYRIGHT. it was an original idea, and if someone copies me i'll be more PISSED than ever. seriously. i will be. no kidding. 

i cried during class today :(
not that any of you care. 

date: 28.11.12 ACK! times gone by fast!
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Wrote 4 years ago
hehe, well...

Wrote 4 years ago
It's so addictive! I forgot where I found it. I think I found it on tumblr or something. I dunno. @deborah-p

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hehe *HUGSIES*!
and now...
seriously, i use that so much now! :O

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@deborah-p Awwww thanks! :D *hugs*


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