Fisher-Price Rock-a-Stack - Fisher Price
  • Painter Spot Bathtime Rubber Duck, Multi
    Bathtime isn't complete without a rubber duck, and this one undoubtedly has a personality. As happy in water as on land providing a decorative addition to the basin, it's sure to make nostalgic guests smile. Brand : Unbranded. Dimensions : H8 x L10.5 x W9cm. Material : PVC.
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  • Large Stitch Soft Toy
    This large soft toy of alien Stitch from Disney's Lilo and Stitch is just waiting for you to give him a big hug! A fun friend at playtime and a fantastic addition to any Disney collection.
  • Classic Swedish Toys
    Since our posting about Playsam has generated so much interest, we’ve started feeling guilty about not mentioning the other Swedish toymaker, Brio. To set things straight we took a trip down memory lane to remind ourselves of the Brio range. All Scandinavian children grow up with Brio toys. Starting with Pull-alongs, moving on to educational toys and ending up with the wooden railway set. Although, crafty parents have realized that Brio’s trains and wagons fit on to the much cheaper Ikea railway tracks……but we didn’t tell you that. It’s almost impossible to pick our favorite toys from the Brio range. We love them all and so many of them have become design classics. Here are just a few of their better known pieces, most of which bring back many happy memories: Sampo: Far too complicated for small children to get to move convincingly, but hours of endless fun for adults. Looks great displayed on a shelf long after kids have tired of it. Red Race Car: Yes, we have to admit, we have a thing for retro toy cars. Dachshund: The classic, and the only pull-along that one should ever need to own. Bell Rattle: Beautiful, classic and totally indestructable. Hours of endless noise. Stacking Clown: The design that everyone else likes to copy. Freight Express: Who needs fancy plastic trains with flashing lights. The original and best. Track & Stack City: Now you know where Ikea got the idea from. Stove: They might not admit it, but every Scandinavian child wants to cook on this......girls and boys! Let's end with some history. Brio was founded back in 1884 by farm wagon operator and wood chip basket maker, Ivar Bengtsson. The company was started in the small town of Osby, Sweden and is still based there today. Interestingly the name, like many Scandinavian company names, is derived from shortening a much longer title. When Ivar transferred ownership of the original company to his three sons, it was renamed Bröderna Ivarsson Osby (The Brothers Ivarrson of Osby) and thus Brio. Today, Brio is a global corporation and claims to be the biggest manufacturer of wooden toys in the world. In addition to classic wooden toys, their range has expanded to include strollers, children’s furniture and the recently launched Networkers series (more about the latter in a later post). Brio
  • My 1st Winnie the Pooh Soft Toy Eeyore
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