Annie gasped as she woke up, “another nightmare” she thought to herself and then sat up running both hands thru her hair, it was still pitch dark and the clock on her bedside table showed it was 3:17 a.m. her heart was still racing inside her chest and she needed a few minutes and a few sips of water to calm herself down “can’t afford another sleepless night” she whispered as she leaned her back against the bed head and then closed her eyes trying to remember what she was dreaming about but only briefs flashes that made no sense came to her and they only left her even more confused which is why she decided to turn the night lamp on “I gotta write it down, no matter how brief or weird it was, I gotta do it” and then she grabbed a little notebook she kept on the bedside table and noted what she could recall of her dream, “it’s like a never ending puzzle”


“Thank God for coffee" Annie said before taking a long sip and heard how the other nurses agreed with her at the lounge; it had been a busy day but that’s the usual occurrence at the ER, long shifts and lots of hard work and Annie was working a double shift today, she knew it could be exhausting but she needed the extra money to pay for her tuition over at med school.

The clock at the lounge read 4:30 p.m. when she glanced up at it, it was her first 10 minutes break; she had spent the whole morning attending classes at the faculty and she wasn’t gonna get off work before 11:00 p.m. or at least she thought so, unaware of the upcoming events that would not only make her stay over time but also were going to turn her life upside down.
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