this coldplay song is so amazing. 

okay, so i figured i needed to blog since it's been a while since I talked to anyone about anything.....

soo, my life's been pretty good. It's almost halloween & i have NO costume / idea ( tell me what your being / doing so i can rip off your ideas ahaha ). I really wanna dress up with my friends for school, but it can't be anything slutty because were not like that and it can't be too hard to get or make. 

that reminds me of this whole big deal about some stupid halloween party. this girl invited like 50 people to her house, but she didn't invite some people that she should've or something so the whole 'in crowd' is freaking out if they didn't get invited or if some people who share the same costume as them aren't going.

i just laugh like, hahaha, not my problem. i'm not cool enough to even be invited. 

wow, i seem like such a loser! i've never been to a highschool party, i've never had any drunken nights, or hooked up ( which in my school just means make out) with anyone. 

actually, no i'm not a loser, i'm normal those girls are hoebags. ( I know weird word, but my friends and myself like it )

other than that, i got THE BEST complitment yesterday.

my fashion teacher told me I should be a model because i have the natural body type and i have this innocent look that would be 'perfect'. I started laughing so hard though because i thought she was joking. it was just really cool for her to say that, because i don't find myself in any way gorgeous enough to be a model, AND she's worked in the fashion industry so she knows a lot about models / clothing / the whole fashion world. 

soooo that's are you all? 

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