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  • hair do they do it Messy ponytail
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    "Flora Ryans 15
    Flora has a MAJOR crush on Jackson. She is really nice but spoilt." — @lexigurl321
    hair do they do it / Messy ponytail on We Heart It / visual bookmark #24134761
  • Leighton Meester by Stockton Johnson for Vogue China August 2012
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    "Felicity Ryans 16
    Felicity is the older sister of Flora. She knows that Flora has a crush on Jackson.She is devious and sneaky." — @lexigurl321
    Leighton Meester poses in front of Stockton Johnson's lens for the August issue of Vogue China. Styled by Yi Guo, Leighton wears designs from Gucci and Chanel with Harry Winston jewelry.
  • Tory Burch Rimless Sunglasses
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    "Lilly Garcia 17
    Lilly is one of the nicest girls at the academy. She is dating Brandon." — @lexigurl321
    Beveled edges ring rimless lenses on sophisticated sunglasses dotted with raised logo monograms at the side of each eye. Color(s): black, black gradient, brown/ brown rose fade, gold azure, gold/ blue teal, gunmetal. Brand: Tory Burch. Style Name: Tory Burch Rimless Sunglasses. Style Number: 394367.
  • Fryzury EMO
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    "Katt Valentina 16
    Katt is one of those girls who cant get over a breakup. After her breakup with Ryan she gave everyone the Silent Treatment. Is a suspect for Ryan's dissapearance." — @lexigurl321
    Red GIrl
  • River Island Chelsea Girl Shirt Dress
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    "Kelly Garcia 15
    Kelly is just as nice as her sister. She can get moody and fed up at times though. She is the little sister of Lilly" — @lexigurl321
    ABOUT ME 100% Polyester.
  • Fashion For > Pretty Girls With Brown Hair And Swag
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    "Emma Smith 17
    Emma is your typical everyday girl. She is popular for her kindness and has heaps of friends." — @lexigurl321
    pretty girls with brown hair and swag
  • Golden Globes 2013 Beauty Best Worst Hair And Makeup Of The Night (PHOTOS)
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    "Dianna Kasper 16
    Dianna was one of those super nice girls until Flora came. She has been one of the most mean girls ever since." — @lexigurl321
    We may have had a hard time jumping back and forth between the 2013 Golden Globes and Season 2 premiere of "Girls," but Hollywood's A-listers sure did make our remote juggling worth it when it came down to hair and makeup. E! host Giuliana Rancic kicked off the festivities on a not-so-flattering note with a tousled headband updo, heavy eyeliner and drab fuchsia lip color.
  • -Pretty-Girl-Swag--13.jpg (480×640)
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    "Lola Smith 15
    Lola is popular and nice. She has heaps of friends and love making new ones." — @lexigurl321
  • leda
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    "Arrabella Kasper 15
    Arrabella is usually humiliated for her sisters actions. She never liked her sister in any way. She is the exact oppisite of Dianna. She is friendly and nice." — @lexigurl321
  • Pretty girls with pretty smiles 640 18.jpg
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    "Mora Rivers 16
    Mora is confident and loves acting and drama. She has a beautiful voice and adores dancing." — @lexigurl321
  • Hair, Nails, and Other Girly Things
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    "Bella McDonald 17
    Bella is made fun of because of her last name. She has friends who stick up for her though. She is nice and calm." — @lexigurl321
    scene hair | Tumblr
  • Emilie "Voe" the Prettiest Norwegian Blogger (43 pics)
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    "Sarah Fanidae 16
    Sarah is a total diva. She hates Dianna's guts. She is popular and spoilt yet nice. Dating Josh." — @lexigurl321
    16-year-old Norwegian blogger girl Emilie Voe has became very famous in Norway. Emilie is blogging about fashion and other stuff 16-year-old girls like to write about.
  • Ax Paris Union Jack Flag Top
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    "Nadine Fanidae 15
    Nadine loves her sister and Sarah sticks up for her. She has a crush on Josh even though he's dating her sister." — @lexigurl321
    Rounded neckline and print at the front. Hand washing recommended. Made of 95% Viscose and 5% Elastane. Model is 175 cm tall and is wearing a size S/M.
  • cute guy in field
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    "Jackson Calburg 16
    Jackson is a careless guy. The only thing he really knows is the one girl for him- Flora." — @lexigurl321
  • Preppy Alex or Emo Alex Evans? which do you prefer?
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    "Ryan Emdon 16
    He never really cared for Katt. Josh bet him $200 if Ryan could go out with Katt for 1 year." — @lexigurl321
    okay I know the pic is kinda creepy! but its hot at the same time :] lol
    and you can only choose one! ha
  • tyler_posey-teen_wolf_season_1-10 | The Cinema Source
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    "Josh Dilon 17
    Josh loves Sarah with all his heart. He is good with ladies and is sweet." — @lexigurl321
  • Original Roleplays
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    "Brandon Jammal
    Brandon is a sweetheart. He is shy but nice. He would do anything for Lilly." — @lexigurl321
    11 discussion posts. Vasantha said: Name: Age: Gender: Appearance: Personality: What are you? (Tribute, citizen, Mentor ect.): District (1-12): Histo...

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