Okayy, here is my second tip, as promisedd. (:

Flashcards are a GREAT study tool! But how should you use them? That's what this tip is about. ♥

On one side, write down information about a topic, and a question. (: The answer should NOT be able to be found within the given facts, so that you can actually QUIZ yourself on whether you know it or not! There is an example of how this should look like in picture #1. ♥ On the back, write the answer. There is an example of this in the set (photo #2); it was for my history class, haha!

This flashcard layout is for if you are reading a story in class. (: On one side of the flashcard, write the name of a character ( http://www.polyvore.com/property_miss_advice_please_dont/thing?id=15236327 ), and on the other side, write some background information about the character. There is an example of this in picture #3. (: On the unlined side, write the name of the character.

This is probably the most commonly used layout. (: When studying for a vocab test in either language arts or a foreign language, write the vocabulary word on one side, and the definition, part of speech, and a sentence using the word on the other side. An example of this is shown in picture #4. ♥

I reallyreally hope that this tip is helpful to you, because I spent a lot of time taking &+ uploading the pictures. (:

xoxo, vanessa. ♥
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