this tip goes out to all my fellow dancers and performers out there, who know how important stage makeup is when you're up there under the lights!
here are some simple tips to help guide you in the right direction!

-always put on a primer or a lotion on your face before applying makeup to help it stay on longer and also create a layer between the makeup and your face. this will protect your skin, as you will most likely have the makeup on for a long time!

-make sure you have a foundation that matches your skin tone so it doesn't look totally unnatural! if you have tan skin, pick a shade slightly lighter and if you have pale skin, pick a shade slightly darker.

-use concealer AFTER you've put on foundation to touch up problem areas.

-apply a bright pink/reddish blush on your cheeks to create a flush that you'll be able to see onstage. focus it on the apples of your cheeks then extend upward.

-contouring your face is a great idea, especially under the cheekbones, around the sides of your forehead, and on the two sides of the bridge of your nose. they can give you a more professional overall appearance.

-eyes are often the most important part of stage makeup, so it's important to get them right!

-use neutral eyeshadows on your eyelids so that they match with whatever costume you may wear.

-focus darker colors on your crease and the outer corner of your eyes to make your eyes look a lot bigger.

-put light colors in your inner corner to make your eyes look brighter.

-false eyelashes are a must! they can take your entire look to a whole new level. find the style and size that fits you best.

-with your false lashes on, curl your lashes to blend your natural lashes and the false ones together. it will make them look a lot more natural.

-avoid putting too much eyeliner on the bottom of your eye. instead, just lightly brush over your lower lashline with a dark brown shadow, instead of black liner.

-they shape your face, so make sure you accentuate them!

-if you have light hair, use a color that is 2-3 shades darker than your normal hair color. if you have dark hair, use a color that is 2-3 shades lighter than your normal hair color.

-dust some light shadow underneath the browbone to make your eyebrows stand out.

-you can never forget lipstick!

-pick a red/bold pink color so that it will stand out on stage.

-depending on your genre of dance, you might want to select more of a ruby red or a bright red or even a hot pink.

-gloss your lips over at the end to give them that extra shine and volume (if you're performing with your hair down and you're scared of getting your hair stuck on it, skip this step!)

and that's it! i hope this tip helped you guys, and happy performing!
♥ stella
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