Name: Nadia Baratheon
Age: One and Twenty
Bio: When she was only two and ten, Nadia's father died, leaving behind only two relatives: Nadia and her bother of five, Thedore. Ever since, she has been running the Stormlands in place of her brother, who is too young to rule. With no one to command her to do so, Nadia has no intention of marrying. Her people love her and Thedore looks up to her as a mother. When the summons come, Nadia fights them tooth and nail, but a King cannot be denied. Nadia is an expert at the game, and she could go far at court, but the only place she has any intention of going is home.
Relationship: Single
Model: Eva Green
Taken By:


omg I made a doll set that I actually liked and then my laptop crashed and I hadn't saved it so I had to start a new one :(
I'm aware the skin/face don't quite match but eh

anyway, before I get eaten by my math teacher for not completing my paper:

Nadia wasn't used to people making a fuss of her, nor the fancy gowns and combed hair. As the leader of the Stormlands, she wasn't considered a woman who needed pretty things, she was the woman who needed wood, trading items, armor and boats. But all those things that were familiar to her, seemed a lifetime away now. Here she sat in her allocated chambers, having her hair (which had acquired quite a number of knots since she'd last tended to it) brushed through by a quiet maid that had to be younger than herself.

Trying not to flinch at the gentle tugs being made on her long hair, Nadia traced her fingers over the fine silk she was wearing. Though looks weren't important to the Baratheons now that they no longer held the throne, Nadia didn't want to be underestimated. She's a strong lady, one that knows about keeping land and keeping men and keeping what is rightfully hers - probably more so than any other woman here. Her dresses reflected this. Instead of honoring the bright yellow in her banner, she wore clothes of cream and bronzes with occasional dull yellows or gold. They had sturdy shapes, not flouncing pieces of art like many of the fair maidens in court. Nadia was proud, she didn't need or want fancy dresses to highlight her importance. Any good warlord would be impressed by her achievements at the tender age of twenty and one.

She wasn't here for a husband, the only thing that held onto her by a thread was the kings command. Never following a word of a man was the thing she was known for. To some, Nadia would be considered a man, if it were not for the lack of penis between her legs. But the king could not be denied, even if she hated Kings Landing more than she hated the lack of a family, not if she wanted to keep her people, land and honor safe.

So Nadia sat there, obeying orders for the first time in her life. And hating every minute of it.

eh this is merh but oh well

Songs to descibe Nadia:
# Ships with holes will sink - We Were Promised Jetpacks
# Atlas hands - Benjamin Francis Leftwich
# Little Hell - City & Colour
# Re:stacks - Bon Iver
(I did 4 because I couldn't decide on 3 hehe)

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