Fliss Adams // Zippora Seven 
The Head of Student Council. 
Fliss is the ultimate party animal. She attends multiple parties a night and has so many friends she can barely keep track of them all. Her popularity earned her the spot of head of student council and she is always seen yelling at the teachers trying to get things changed. Fliss is the wild child of her family and whilst her parents don’t approve of her partying ways she somehow always manages to drag herself to church every Sunday morning, although often drenched in alcohol and still wearing the outfit from the night before. How long will it be until her hectic life catches up with her though and she runs out of steam? 
Style: Bright and colourful, often crazy, which is why she hates being stuck with the uniform for 5/7 days a week.

"Party at my house Fliss! Gotta have you there." Some girl yelled before running off to her car. 

Another party. Smirking I walked across the school building, i think it was Serena who invited me. Yup, her. 

"Fliss, the meadow?" Robbie asked eagerly. 

"hmm. let me think about that, it would mean missing math. so of f*cking course!" I laughed and held onto his arm as he lead the way, even if i knew the way it was still a nice try for him. 

"You know Robbie, I think drinking will not solve this mega headache i have from drinking so much at the party last night."

"You remember what happened right?" He asked eyeing me. 

"um no?"

He laughed, "We all played seven minutes in heaven and you ended up with Benji." He snickered at me as I scoffed. 

"What is that, like the most voted kids game? And what did he say about it?" I asked with a bit of bitterness seeing as to how i didn't remember. 

"Calm down blondie, no ones knows what happened either, i barely sober, and i'm guessing he was drunk too." 

Once I sipped the vodka Robbie passed to me I instantly relaxed as it burned against my throat making me instantly feel better, relaxed. 

After drinking it down quickly and having another my eyes began to blur, my words barely slurring, a grin on my lips. 

"Are you free sunday fliss?" He asked me with huge eyes and a swaying grin, yet smirk.

"Are you crazy! I have church!" I laughed harshly thinking about my mother and crazy father. 

Taking a break from the drinking we kissed, maybe more, maybe less, all that matters was that i was ready for this party, and it only started when i walked in. 
xx fliss

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Wrote 6 years ago
Words fail to express how much I love that picture of zippora.

Wrote 6 years ago

Wrote 6 years ago
This is stunninngg <3




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kill the lights. these children learn from cigarette burns.

kill the lights. these children learn from cigarette burns.

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