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SO MY LOVELY MTW READERS! I have done something a little different. I got a Figment account last week and transferred all my MTW chapters over to it, now just leaving links on all of my MTW sets. So from now on I won't be posting the actual story here, but on Figment, where I can actually add like italics and there's not a Polybot haha. I WILL STILL BE MAKING MTW SETS EVERY TIME A NEW CHAPTER GOES UP because I will still be reminding all of you and I just love making Marloes/Ryan sets :) ANYWAY so below will be the link to go directly to my MTW (if you have a Figment account it would be awesome if you followed me and hearted/commented/whatever on MTW) BUT you will have to go to the TABLE OF CONTENTS to find the correct chapter, since it's not altogether. ALSO please leave your comments/thoughts on this week's chapter HERE so it doesn't spoil it on Figment and also I like reading them on here better and I can reply to them better :) HOPE THIS ISN'T TOO CONFUSING, but Figment makes me feel safer about posting online and it's like more official looking haha. IF you have any questions, PLEASE just PM me. Hope you still like it! :) Thank you always everyone who reads and gives me feedback, you don't know how much I appreciate it!

http://figment.com/books/396703-More-Than-Words [GO TO CHAPTER THIRTY-FIVE in the Table of Contents]

AND IF you are a first time reader, and want to start from the BEGINNING, check out the collection here for more background and chapter sets: http://www.polyvore.com/alexa_maye-mtw/collection?id=1148783

[PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT IF YOU READ! Like it, love it, any feedback at all! Tagging my awesome "fan base" now (I love you guys!). And if you want to be removed from this list, please PM me. THE LIST IS NOW IN THE COMMENTS BECAUSE IT WAS TOO MANY PEOPLE.]
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