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You can purchase this jacket and the dress at .I love this dress because it's very bright and cause it has very simple,basic cuts.The jacket is really awesome,I just love black jackets,you can match it with everything!
Hi girls!
Yeah,it's been a while since I actually published a set. ;) I'm a bit sick now,I caught cold somehow right after my mum and by little sister went to Montenegro...I really miss them a lot...And,by the way,I'm having my driving lesson classes right now.It's fifth or sixth class so far and I'm doing well,I think. :) I've been driving through the city for the 3rd time today!It's really funny and totally awesome!I'm also waiting for some of my prizes to arrive.I can't wait to see my new olive green fall jacket!And I really do hope that my cold will pass fast cause I couldn't sleep whole last night because of it....Haha that's it :))
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