flower, flower, flower

She had nothing to care about, at the end.
nothing to miss, nothing to do
only sit there and think about the end.
who would love this unsecured girl
as always sit in her room, and waiting for the end
just because, shes not have any other thing else to do.
no one likes her, because she like to be her self.
no one look at her, and think "she look like a nice girl. i should say hey"
only. ".. what a mess, she looks like she exited to die, to make an end on the pain, and hate"
we all judging.. every god damn day!
even the girl, as not have any friends
just waiting for the end.
she is been judged, and she i judging the people as judging her.
that is pain in the ass.
to be judged like the most hated, unlikely person as could exist.
poor human. you can't even call her a human anymore. she is so destroyed by the "real" human.
as try to take over her life, with their, "love".
Maybe there is many other people like her, but their are also so destroyed, that they have judged everybody to be, the perfect, selfish, asswhole, as all hate.
Maybe the perfect, selfish asswhole, is like the creatures, as have been destroyed.. what if?
then they just being judged, as a "real" human..
you can never know..
only that, the life is a god damn black circle, and will always fuuck you up at on some moment.
- By Celina (me) Ifuckinglovegerardway

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