Asian Monthly Challenge:

★April Challenge:
16. Spring lady [female with a flower]

Lovely Jessica always has amazing photo-shoots ^-^ 

Agh, this week is so crazy! I think this is going to be my only update until this weekend. 

My only k-pop update is that I'm obsessed with Block B right now...

I don't understand it. 

I thought that would be the one group I didn't like, because their music is so far from my usual taste.

But now I keep singing to Nillili mambo...ALL THE TIME! 

and of course I instantly knew I was going to like Jaehyo; he is basically an exact replica of kiseop from U-Kiss. Physically and personality wise (it's quite scary how similar they are 0.o) 

But then Park Kyung...why????

*slams head over and over again on desk*

Why am I liking the player? 

I'm going insane...I'm even dreaming about him and he is not my ideal type at all. So then why is he taking over???

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