feat. SNSD

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Sorry for the suckish set....and outfit as well -.- 

To be honest, I grabbed almost no inspiration from this comeback. And all I can say about the song is....at least they didn't go for the "Hippies" concept and tried to look like they were in the american 70's. However, I don't get the concept they chose anyways...


U-kiss is going on a South American Tour next year!!!!

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I want to go so badly! Either to Peru or Colombia, which are both thankfully on the stops. 

I'm so proud of my boys for making their mark in South America ^-^

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Wrote two years ago
@chomiczynka : Especially Sunny and Jessica's parts...that was so meant for the Japanese market.
@nyamnyam : Oh yes, Hyoyeon as great! But yeah everything the outfits and sets were so off >.< The dance is also a bit weird :/ Their "prancing" moves in the beginning looks really awkward.

Wrote two years ago
okay so i am not alone! :D the MV for me is just such a random mess! :D
i only like it because Hyoyeon is damn hot O_o *oops*

Wrote two years ago
I don't get their concept too...but it's for Japanese market and maybe it makes sense there:)

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