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  • Flux
  • Flux Chair
    Flux Chair
    Thirty seconds of set-up = a lifetime of convenient seating. The Flux Chair, inspired by the folding aspects of origami, is made of durable plastic and comes in several fun color options. Take it with you camping or to the beach, or set it up in the kitchen for a great modern look.
  • Flux Coffee Table
    Flux Coffee Table
    The Flux Coffee Table is the lounging counterpart to the Flux Chair. Like all Flux furniture, the Flux Coffee Table is the ideal low-table solution for your mobile party, presentation or other occasion due to it's unique ability to fold flat for easy handling, transportation, and storage. Adding to this table's ease of use, the Polypropylene material is easy to clean and very durable. Product Features: Volume Reduction upon folding: 94&perc; Small Table Weight: 10.5lbs Large Table Weight: 14.5lbs Max Load: 110lbs Material: Polypropylene - 4 mm thick
  • Flux Column Bar Table
    Flux Column Bar Table
    The first foldable bar table that is also a verifiable modern design piece. Smoothly curved and silky to the touch, the Flux Column Bar Table is made out of two identical halves of polypropylene, which unfold and slot together. Petite side wings lock the halves stably in place...and look pretty darn angelic in the process. For a complete bar-height dining set, use with Flux Pillar Barstools.
  • Flux Pillar Barstool
    Flux Pillar Barstool
    With smooth curves and a soft matte finish, the Flux Pillar Barstool provides comfortable and stylish bar seating indoors or out. The open footrest also acts as a convenient carrying handle, for whenever you need to fold up and take the Pillar on the go. For the full bar dining experience, pair with the Flux Column Bar Table.
  • Flux Junior
    Flux Junior
    All the fashionable, foldable flexibility of the original Flux, but in a mini version perfect for kids. The Flux Junior is made out of a single piece of durable, waterproof polypropylene, transforming quickly from an easy-to-store envelope into a comfortable designer chair. Available in three colors to match the full-sized Flux Chair as well as three new child-friendly colors.
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