Audition for DRIFTING YOUTH {DY}

-Name: Felix Underwood
-Age: 17
-Likes: Sour candy, his rat Toby, flying, young children, pushing people's buttons, stargazing, quoting movies, his pilot hat + goggles, blowing things up, traveling
-Dislikes: Commitment, tough choices, rules, authority, thunderstorms, walking, sandals (toes are disgusting), smell of nail polish, arrogant bastards, killjoys
-Power: Flight
-Poison: Rum, sake, pot
-Music Taste: Ambient shit like Enya, jungle sounds, ocean waves, you know, that stuff
-Personality: Cheerful, cowardly, indecisive, extroverted, immature, open-minded, unreliable, not punctual, needy. Takes jokes too far, gets people to do things from him, gives nothing in return, flighty, easily nervous, graceful, adventurous, energetic. All he wants is to be loved.
-Bio: Born and raised in Winkler, Manitoba to alcoholic father and shrinking violet mother. When he was younger, he was considered your average problem child - skipping school, playing games in the forests until late at night, not caring a single bit about his education - but everything changed when his mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. Felix went from being a harmless troublemaker to a loose screw. He started drinking, partying, and got into frequent trouble with the law. He discovered his power at a stupid house party, and the guys dared him to jump off the roof into the pool. He chickened out last minute and fell off the edge of the roof, facing certain death, when his power kicked in and he started floating.
After his mother passed away from complications, he ran away - or, /flew/ away, to be more accurate - to escape his abusive father, leaving his little brother behind. He's been everywhere, whether it be Egypt or Romania or Brazil, you name it. Currently stationed in Bristol on temporary reprieve from his travels. Who knows how long he'll stay, but he'll be sure to piss you off before he leaves.
Biggest Secret: Inadvertently killed his mother. He still has nightmares.
-Family: Mother - Sally Underwood (Patricia Clarkson, 44, deceased), Father - Ed Underwood (Billy Burke, 47), Brother - Cameron (Griffin Gluck, 10)
-Model: Ben Whishaw
-Taken by: @mak-ler
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    "felix underwood | ben whishaw" — @mak-ler
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    "party don't start till Toby walks in, this guy has seen some shit" — @mak-ler
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    "Used to take pictures. Obviously." — @mak-ler
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    "he dropped it off the Eiffel tower, it survived" — @mak-ler
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    ""what's an iPod?"" — @mak-ler
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    "Indeed." — @mak-ler
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Wrote three years ago
I love this character so much

Wrote three years ago
most likely XD @threnodies

Wrote three years ago
oh damn.
i'd offer my body but he'd shoot me instead.

Wrote three years ago
He can teach you, but he'd have to charge @threnodies

Wrote three years ago
omfg thug daddy.
he gets all the girl's milkshakes in his yard.

Wrote three years ago
Never be too careful when you're a thug daddy like him ;o

Wrote three years ago


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