"LILLYY!" My Mom called up to me as I dabbed on that last bit of perfume. I appraised myself in the mirror, making sure everything was perfect, everything was just right, finally smiling and calling back, 
"COMING! ONE SEC!" Down to my Mom. I heard the sound of opening cabinets as she got out her morning coffee and I ran into my room, quickly gathering my books and purse in a hurried rush. I pounded down the steps, my kicks squeaking against the kitchen tiles on my way in. My mom smiled at me, and quickly put the lid to her coffee jug, and we headed quickly outside, calling out our hurried 'Love you!"'s as we strode out of the house. We drove quickly to school, an easy chatter flowing between us. My Mom and me had an easy relationship, in fact my whole family was close. I wasn't the tortured teen in denial, I didn't have screaming fits and the doors in our house had never been slammed. I was a good girl, had always been, a good girl. And everything was about to change. 

"Chris is coming down to live with us." Mom said, as she turned on the blinker and drove down the last rode that lead to my High School, John F. Kennedy High School. 
"Who?" I asked. 
"Who's that?"
"Your brothers wife's sister's husband's nephew." She answered. My head spun.
"Uh huh..." I nodded, pretending to understand. 
"Well, he's going to stay with us for the rest of the school year, going to go to your school."
"He's my age?" I asked. She nods. 
"Yep. He lives in New York City, and he uh..." I could see her re-wording what she had just been about to say, "Ran into some... trouble." She nodded, satisfied with her choice of words. I nodded too.
"Oh. Ok. When is he coming?"
"This weekend. It was kind of late notice." She says as we pull up the the sidewalk across from my school. She kisses me quickly, hugs me and then says goodbye. I do the same, and then she is gone, driving away and leaving me behind on the sidewalk, watching as her car drifts off into the morning sun. 

I felt the arms wrap around me from behind, pulling me closer and the lips in my hair. 
"Lilly." The voice belonged to my boyfriend, and the star of the basketball team, John. I smile, a warm blush warming my face. All my friends smile politely and move off to give us some privacy. I spin around in his arms and look up at him happily. "You coming to the game?" He says. I nod. He smiles, "Good, wouldn't want my girl missing one of the biggest games of the season. I nod again, just happy to be in his arms. He kisses my head and then the bell rings, telling us that it was time to head in.

just the beginning, i know it sounds stupid now but its going to get better so stay tuned.
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