July Seventh -- The Avalon family will be hosting a formal masquerade extravaganza. Although this party may seem harmless, it is anything but. All of the men who are invited to this party are required to give any lady of their choice a red envelope. Inside this sealed envelope will be a number. Once a lady looks at the number, she will be required to go into the corresponding bedroom. There, the man and woman will be forced to spend twenty-five minutes together. Anything could happen, I suppose. 


"You look beautiful, Suri." 

I squeeze Cain's hand as he leads me to Landon's brand new mercedes. 

He carefully helps me into the car, and just as he is about to close the passenger door, he slips something into my dress's pocket. 

"A message." 

That's all he manages to say before Landon shoves him aside and closes my door. 

I lean my head back against the seat and close my eyes. Thoughts of Timothy rush through my mind, making me feel sick to my stomach. 

I have to kill my mother if we are to ever be together. But if I kill her, I will be head of B613. If I kill my mother, I will be the most wanted person in the western hemisphere. 

"He's right you know, you look stunning."

I open my eyes and give Landon a small smile as he pulls out of the driveway and speeds through the sprawling neighborhood. 

I fiddle with the small container in my pocket. 


I shush him. 

"Landon, I know I should have told you. But, I just.. I didn't know how. At the time I found myself falling for you, and I didn't want to ruin anything by telling you about my past. How could I possibly explain to you that I am a trained assassin who has killed almost five dozen people? How could I have told you.."

Tears stream down my face and I feel the car stopping. 

Landon places the car in park and turns to look at me. He drums his fingers on his steering wheel for a few moments. 

"Cain mentioned to me a week or so ago that you didn't want me to know. I was confused. Then, he ran away before he had the chance to explain. The next thing I know Timothy is knocking on our front door and I find myself more confused than I have ever been. He told me about B613 and of your dangerous past. He also made me promise to protect you after he left." 

After he left. 

Landon's words cause my heart to sting, and I look away from his pleading eyes. 

My voice quavers as I begin to speak. 

"I-I have to kill my mother." 

He sighs and rests his head against the seat. 

"I know, Suri, I know."


After a silent drive, we both arrive to the masquerade ball. 

I notice Elsa in a glimmering dress talking to a tall gentleman just outside the front doors, and I make a mental reminder to say hello to her later on. 

Meanwhile, Landon has managed to find a few of his medical friends. 

I tell him to go say hi, explaining that I need to be alone. 

I walk up the steps and head inside the large mansion. 

Waiters and waitresses saunter by with trays of lovely smelling hor d'oeuvres, but I have no interest in tasting anything. 

I walk into the home's living room and collapse onto a velvet seat and try to avoid the couple making out to my righthand side. 

A waiter hands me a glass of champagne, and I take a sip before realizing the small present that Cain left me. 

I take out the slip of paper from my pocket and carefully read the small lettering. 

I'm here. Guest house. 

My heart beats faster as I come to the realization that Timothy is here. 

I nearly burst out of my chair, but I keep in mind that this may also be a trick. What if there are other B613 members here watching me? After all, one of them tried to kill me in an elevator the other day. 

I carefully maneuver around the couple and step back into the main room.

Elsa comes up to me out of nowhere and begins to talk about the handsome stranger that she has just met. 

"Mmmhm, fascinating." 

I sputter after a few minutes of her constant chatter. 

She stops talking and stares at me curiously. Then, I begin talking at a rapid pace. I tell her everything about B613, Timothy, Landon finding out, my uncle, killing my mother, all of it. 

Once I finish, I finally turn to look at Elsa, and I notice that she has become quite pale. 

I hand her my glass of champagne and she downs it within seconds. 

"Go, I will keep watch." 

I give her a quick hug and then we both proceed to the outdoor guesthouse. 


Once we are about twenty-five feet or so away, Elsa stops me and explains that she will wait here in order to give me some privacy. 

I nod and notice that the stranger from earlier has somehow managed to follow both of us. I gesture towards him and Elsa grins before focusing her attention on him. 

I roll my eyes before wandering off to the guest house. 

It's time to see him. 


The door opens without trouble, and I am welcomed by brightly lit lights. I admire the whicker couches and chairs as well as the large plasma television in the center of the room. 

I hear a door creak upstairs, and I search for a set of stairs. 

Eventually, I find them and begin to make my way up them. 

I step inside the open door and am greeted by a calm Timothy. 

I rush over to his side and wrap my arms around his torso. 

He pulls me close to him before two strong arms grab me and pull me off of him. 

My mother. 

She slaps me across my face, causing me to shriek. 

Timothy tries to get up, but a guard appears out of nowhere and holds him down with his hands. 

My mother glares at me and begins to yell. 

"This was a test my daughter, and you failed it. I forced Cain to give you the note. I was hoping that you wouldn't come, but well, I guess you will have this one last chance to see Timothy before he heads off to D.C with me tomorrow morning."

My mother grips my arm and gives me a menacing look before leaving the room with her assistant. 

As soon as she leaves, Timothy drops down onto the floor and pulls me into a hug. 

I close my eyes and think back to the day where he invited me to his home. 

"Suri. I need you to be strong. Promise me that you will be strong." 

I open my eyes and nod at Timothy. 

He brushes a strand of hair away from my face and kisses my cheek. 

"I love you." 

I rest my head against his chest and listen to his heartbeat, forcing myself to memorize the pattern. Deep down I know that I may never seen him again, and my body is forcing me to remember this moment in time for the remainder of my cursed days. 

"I love you so much." 

He kisses me softly and I begin to weep. 

He pulls away and holds me close to him. 

"Ti-timothy, sh-she may be a cruel bitxx, bu-but how can I kill my own mother." 

He shushes me and begins to rock me back and forth. 

"I know."

He murmurs into my hair. 

A pounding on the door signifies that he must go. I hold him tightly, begging him not to go. He lifts me up and sets me on the bed. 

He hands me a small black box and gives me one final look before leaving. 

Before he exits he promises me that I will always be on his mind. 

Then, when the door shuts, I burst into tears. 


The door opens after who knows how long, and Elsa storms inside and takes a seat beside me. 


She mumbles and falls back onto the bed. 

I stare at the wall as a response. 

"Let's play a game called whose life sucks more." 

Elsa gets up and turns to look at me and agrees to play. Before I can begin talking, she starts. 

[ Insert something that Elsa would say ] 

I sigh to myself. 

"My boyfriend told me that he loved me and is now going to live with my psychotic mother who wants me dead. Oh, and if I ever want to see the love of my life again, I have to kill my mother."

Elsa looks at me and then down on the bed and picks up the small black box that Timothy gave me. 

"You definitely win and here's your prize." 

I take the box from her and open it. 

Inside lies a diamond ring. 

Elsa gasps.

I drop the box. 

I close my eyes. 

The tears stream down my face. 

I collapse onto the bed and shut out the world. 

God bless the land of the free, I guess. 

#lalalalala if you read it :)
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Brilliant! Honestly!

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#lalalalala brilliant as always Addy! :)

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Included: @angeltomlinson :)

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