"Are you spoiled" Quiz:
over 50, you're spoiled
A Mobile Phone - X 
Hair Straighteners -
Your Own Computer - 
Your Own Car-X
Good Report(School) - X
Expensive Sunglasses - (I've got a pair of Betsey Johnson glasses, but I bought them at T.J. Maxx...)
Big-time designer Purse - (Does a vintage Coach bag my Stepdad bought me for $50 count?)
A Boyfriend-
Hair Curlers - 
Every 50 Cent Cd -
Clothes From Bench -
Clothes From Jane Norman -
Clothes From Miss Selfridge -
A Pet - 
Some Type Of Trophy/Award - X
Full/Queen Size Bed -
King Size Bed -
A ipod touch, Nano, or Video - X (I've got a Nano, by the way.)
A Football Shirt - X
More Than $100 - (Not in my pocket, but in my bank account...)
A Radio/Cd Player - X
More Then 15 Cds -
More Then 15 Dvds -X
Something Related To Green Day -
Myspace -
Make-Up - X
A Desk In Your Room - X
A Hill In Your Back Yard -
Dvd Player - (Yes, but it's in the living room, everyone watches it.)
Your Own Phone Line -
AIM - 
Yahoo -
MSN - 
Perfume/Cologne - X
Bath And Body Works Lotion -x 
Necklaces & Bracelets - X
A Journal/Diary -X
Toothbrush - X
Yogurt & Peaches In Your Fridge - (That's incredibly random.)
X's In Your Screen Name -
A Birthday In September - (Yes, but why on Earth is this on here!)
A Famous Relative -
A Relative That Lives In A Different State AND Country - (I've got ones that live in different states...not different countries.)
A Disowned Relative -
An Electric Scooter - 
Your Own Bathroom - (I wish.)
You Have A Picture Board -X
Have More Then 5 Close Friends - X
A Bike - X
A Mini Van - 
A Relative That Lives In Florida-
More Than 6 Cousins - X
A Friend Who Does Alcohol/Smokes -X
Brothers Or Sisters - X
A Locker At School - 
A Baby -
A Pet Chimpanzee - (No, but where can I get one?)
Sparkly Blue Nail Polish - X
A "Criminal" Tshirt/Hoody -
The Movie "The Wedding Crashers" -
A Best Friend Necklace/Bracelet - 
A Pool Table -
Swimming Pool -

Trampoline -
Been On Vacation More Then 5 Times- X
Flip Flops - 
Big Sunglasses - 
The Sims 2 - 
Markers, Crayons, Etc. - X
Colouring Books - X
A Nice Singing Voice - X
PS2 - 
NIntendo DS - X
PS3 -
Nintendo WII -X
Near Death Experience - 
Rose Red Movie -
A Karaoke Machine -
A Mom Or Dad - X
An Older Brother - 
An Older Sister -
A Younger Brother -X
Younger Sister -X
More Than 1 Car - X
A Lake Or Pond Near Your House - X
Loads Of Friends - X

Total is: __ will count 'em up later!
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