wɑtch time fɑde ɑwɑy, wɑtch the time just fɑde ɑwɑy. my ɑrms will keep you sɑfe, my ɑrms will keep you sɑfe. it's just you ɑnd me, girl, it's just you ɑnd me, dɑncing in this dreɑm, dɑncing in this dreɑm. whɑtever you do don't wɑke me up. i know the feeling's reɑl, i won't let it stop, no. don't be ɑfrɑid, tɑke my hɑnd, forget the world, will you dɑnce, dɑnce with me? pudemos bɑilɑr eternɑmente. trust in me, tɑke ɑ chɑnce, feel the tɑngo, when you dɑnce, dɑnce with me. pudemos bɑilɑr eternɑmente. ♡

▬ dɑnce with me ❃ drew seeley feɑt. belindɑ ▬
❃ { http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InOddSaQnvs ]

urgh. this set.. i'm publishing it, but it just irks me to look at it, so i'm not looking at it again after i publish it.

i'm in the middle of a flashback disney // childhood disney medley with ava. i have this song stuck on repeat right now because cheetah girls 2 was probably my favorite and i've always been obsessed with dancing, so the dancing scene and the song stuck with me. ♡

lalala, i'm online, gonna get back to my messages, doing homework, yada yada. no porn gifs today tho, sorry guys. i'm keeping them to myself today. i hope you understand. :*

omfg. story time, just because. ▬

▬ so, i woke up a lot early this morning because my sister is a shit sleeper. i am in desperate 
need of my own room or my own bed. 

▬ i woke up at like 9 or something? and i came on polyvore and i was like; ♡_♡
i'm not saying why, but just, asdfghjkl feels guys. feels. ♡

▬ i went back to sleep because it was too early and then i woke up again at fucking ten because my mom brought my baby sister in the room and she turned off our fan and pulled the covers off my body and i was like, "noooo" but she was all, "it's saturday and you have homework. you need to get your lazyass up." like okay b'itch. fine. 

▬ i played with my little sister and we jammed out to my music and shizz and danced. she's gonna be dropping it low in the club with me. i see it already.

▬ my mom left for work and took my siblings to my grandma's house, so i'm home alone. c;

▬ lol, so i was left alone and i locked the door and set the alarm because safety first, guise. i went in my room, and i stripped just because. i swear i'm not normal. c'x
i walked around like that for a while and then decided to shower, so i went in the shower.

▬ i came out and walked around in my bra and panties because i can. i like.. went in front of my fan and started singing into it and shit with the air blowing my hair and just. i can't. i'm laughing because i probably looked so ridiculous, but i don't care. i had fun. cx

▬ but now i have a headache.. so i might go eat and then take a nap. i'm not sure yet. but this is what happens when mother hen doesn't let me sleep in. .-.

the end of story time. ▬

do my crushtag? [ http://thiscrush.com/~sexy-selly-marie-anon }
spam my ask? [ http://ask.fm/sellybellylove }

xoxo //
monique. ♡
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