Viola Samantha Rose, 20
hometown: Ashland, Kansas 
birthday: January 17th 
style: girly / boho / button downs / soft leather
position: writer 
background: Life seemed like it had all odds stacked against Viola. Growing up in the very small town of Ashland, Kansas, your job options were stay-at-home mom or working at the local diner. But Viola wasn't like anyone else there, she had dreams and enough willpower to achieve them. To everyone else though, Viola dreamed too big. They told her she'd never make it out of Kansas, that she better start thinking in a realistic way. But Viola just smiled, and shook her head. 'A life without dreams is a life not worth living,' she'd say, it was her one and only motto. Her mother was actually diagnosed with Cancer when Viola was very young, and their family did not have enough money to give her the right care, so she died a slow and painful death, unfulfilled with her life. Viola vowed she would dream big and live large, doing what she loved. Writing. With the small amount of money Viola's mother gave to V in her will, she spent it on a plane ticket, making it to the fabulous New York City. Viola did actually have a very huge amount of talent in the writing category, and a secret love for fashion, so she climbed up the latter, making it to Runway magazine. Working there, Viola is charismatic, friendly and most people like her. But she's got a sailors mouth, and a bad taste for making things go terribly wrong. At least for the interns that is. You may think you know Viola, but she's complicated in so many ways. Life seems peachy keen for Viola now, since she did achieve her dream, but V's got to remember, she's not in Kansas anymore. 
collection: --
model: Isabel Scholten
taken by: @theporcelaindoll

1. Isabel Scholten.
2. Isabel Scholten.
3. Isabel Scholten.

Okay, I really want to play her. And I don't think anyone else will choose her, but if worst comes to worst.

4. Daria Zhemkova 

- story coming soon.
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