Fontana Arte Flora Floor lamp - FontanaArte
  • Flora Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    This floor lamp has a Stem in polished aluminum and manufactured with the "hydroforming" technology. Diffuser in polished white blown glass. Dimmer included. Bulb: 1 x 150W T10 Medium E26/27
  • Miconos Floor Lamp By Artemide
    Floor standing fixture for diffused lighting. Features. Miconos collection. Designed by Ernesto Gismondi. Material: Structure in polished chromed metal. Diffuser in transparent blown glass. Floor lamp. Dimmer on cord (use dimmable bulb) Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 12Dia x 70H. Base: 12Dia. Shade: 11.8Dia. Lamp Type: LED, Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent. Bulbs (not included): 1x17W E26/A19 LED. 1x16W E26/G30 Fluorescent. 1x75W E26/A19 Halogen. 1x150W E26/G40 Incandescent. listed.
  • Flute Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    This floor lamp comes with a dimmer. It has a borosilicate transparent glass stem and the reflector is made of chrome-plated polished aluminum. The base and reflector support in chrome-plated metal. Transparent feeding cable. The cone houses a reflector held by three chrome-plated arms. The light reflects into the cone, thus giving a uniform light emission upwards. Bulb: Small - 1 x 250W T4 Mini-Can E11. Large - 1 x 300W T3/L Double Ended R7s - long
  • Soffione 45 Floor Lamp By Artemide
    Floor standing luminaire for diffused lighting. Features. Soffione Collection. Designed by Alberto Nason, Michele De Lucchi, 2008. Materials: Base in die-cast aluminum, steel stem in polished chrome finish, diffuser made out of handblown glass with polished-silk finish. Type: Floor Lamp. Dimmer on cord. Available in Polished Black or Chrome finish. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 17.75W x 72.2H. Base: 13.4Dia. Lamp type: Halogen. Bulbs: 1 x 150W (E26/T10 dbl. env.) Halogen (not included)
  • Ray Floor Lamp By FLOS
    Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Floor lamp providing diffused lighting. Steel tube structure, welded, brushed and chrome-plated. Diffuser support disk in die-cast, polished and chrome-plated Zamak alloy. Injection-molded PA6 (nylon) lamp-cover. Color: white. Injection-molded PC (polycarbonate) inner diffuser. Color: 3% opal. Injection-molded elastic PVC (polyvinylchloride) feet. Lathe-shaped aluminum diffusers, painted white on the inside, and shiny white or black on the outside or gray-colored, blown and overlaid glass with glossy external finish.
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  • Tolomeo Mega Floor Lamp By Artemide
    Floor standing luminaire for adjustable direct and indirect diffused lighting. Features. Tolomeo collection. Designed by Michele De Lucchi and Giancarlo Fassina, 2002. Made in Italy. Materials: Fully adjustable articulated arm body structure in extruded aluminum in high polished anodized aluminum or matte black finish. Joints and tension control knobs in polished die-cast aluminum. Tension cables in stainless steel. Support stem in extruded aluminum in brilliant polished aluminum or matte black finish. Weighted steel base with stamped aluminum or matte black cover. Type: Floor Lamp. Diffuser available in parchment paper or pale grey satin and polycarbonate fiber blend with aluminum frame or in black fabric on a white polypropylene frame. Dimmer on cord. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Size 12: Overall: 128.75H x 73.25W max extension. Shade: 12.625Dia x 8.6875H. Size 14: Overall: 129.9H x 74.8W max extension. Shade: 14.2Dia x 9.875H. Size 17: Overall: 131.5H x 77.2W max extension. Shade: 16.5Dia x 11.44H. Base: 13Dia. Lamp type: LED, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Halogen. Bulbs (not included): 1 x 17W E26/A19 LED. 1 x 24W E26/twist dimmable Fluorescent. 1 x 23W E26/G40 Fluorescent. 1 x 75W E26/A19 Halogen. 1 x 150W E26/A21 Incandescent. Listed:
  • Sara Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    This floor lamp has a metal structure and the diffuser is made of white silk-screened polycarbonate. Bulb: 1 x 150W A21 Medium E26/27 or 1 x 150W T10 Medium E26/27
  • Castore Floor Lamp By Artemide
    Floor standing fixtures for diffused lighting. Features. Castore collection. Designer: Michele De Lucchi, Huub Ubbens. Made in Italy. Material: Diffuser in white handblown glass with external etched finish. Stem upper section in steel tubing covered by a tapered sleeve in white translucent molded polycarbonate, allowing for partial soft diffusion of light from diffuser. Stem lower section in steel tubing with matte white powder coated finish. Touch dimmer activated by chrome steel ring positioned between upper and lower stem sections. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): 35: 13.75Dia x 71.75H. 45: 16.5Dia x 74.5H. Lamp Type: Incandescent, LED, Fluorescent, Halogen. Bulbs: Castore 35 floor: 1x12.5W E26/A19 LED or 1x24W E26/Twist Fluorescent or 1x75W E26/A19 Halogen or 1x150W E26/A21 Incandescent (not included) Castore 42 floor: 1x17W E26/A19 LED or 1x32W E26/Twist Fluorescent or 1x75W E26/A19 Halogen or 1x150W E26/A21 Incandescent (not included) listed.
  • Cheshire Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    Cheshire Floor Lamp - Designed by Gamfratesi. Features. Floor Lamp. Made in Italy. Material: Shade in polycarbonate. Transparent feeding cable. Available in white, black and green (with base and stem in the same color) or opaline (with black stem and base) Specifications: Dimensions (inches): 13.8Dia x 57.1H. Lamp Type: LED, Fluorescent. Bulbs: White, Black, Green: 3 × 23W E26 Compact fluorescent. Opaline: 1 × 30W E26 Compact fluorescent. Voltage: 120V. Listed: cETLus.
  • Beluga Alu Floor Lamp By Fabbian
    The spherical beauty of Beluga designed for the outdoors. The large Fabbian Beluga Alu Floor Lamp features the same round, adjustable shade as its indoor counterpart, but with a watertight tempered glass diffuser and housing appropriate for outdoor spotlight applications. Available in a Black or Polished Aluminum finish. Features. Beluga collection. Designed by Marc Sadler. Made in Italy. Material: Polished or black painted die-cast aluminum structure. Tempered glass diffuser. Adjustable head, rotates in all directions (including straight up) Specifications: Dimensions (inches): 14.56Dia x 15.31H. Lamp type: Incandescent, Compact Fluorescent, LED, Metal halide. Bulbs: 1 x 70W - 25 degrees E26 Incandescent lamp type; LED or CFL lamps can be used (not included) 1 x 70W G12 Metal halide lamp type. Technical information: cETLus listed, WET, Tempered glass, 360 degrees Adjustable system, 39.3 inches minimum distance from lighted objects. Accessories included: Ballast for Polished Aluminum.
  • Yumi Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    Floor lamp. Black structure in composite material coated with carbon fibre. Black lacquered metal base. Power cables sunk into the structure. Direct light emission. Electronic power unit included. Bulb: 170 - 18W (3000 K)
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  • Logico Floor Lamp By Artemide
    Floor standing luminaire for diffused LED, fluorescent, halogen or incandescent lighting. Features. Logico Collection. Designed by Gerhard Reichert , Michele De Lucchi, 2001. Made in Italy. Materials: Diffuser in handblown venetian glass with satined finish. Diffuser supporting frame in die-cast aluminum with pale grey lacquered finish. Three-rod stem and base in steel with pale grey lacquered finish. Type: Floor Lamp. Touch sensitive dimmer control rod in diffuser frame (use dimmable bulb) Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 14.25W x 68.5H. Base: 14.25Dia. Shade: 15.75W x 15.75D x 12.25H. Lamp type: LED, Incandescent, Halogen, Fluorescent. Bulbs: 3 x 12.5W E26/A19 LED (not included) 3 x 20W E26/Twist Fluorescent (not included) 3 x 75W E26/A19 Halogen (not included) 3 x 75W E26/A19 Incandescent (not included) listed.
  • Pirellone Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    This floor lamp comes with a dimmer. Diffused and indirect double light emission. Frame is in satin nickel-plated brass. Diffusers are in pressed and curved glass. Transfomer included. Bulb: 10x50W T4 Bi Pin GY6,35 + 1 x 300W T3/L Double Ended R7s - long
  • CB2 Peek Floor Lamp
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    Rope it in. Woven abaca rope lassos black-powdercoated metal frame, just barely exposing two suspended bulbs. Brooklyn-based designer Ceci Thompson has a knack for mixing materials and "liked the idea of the natural fibers woven into a more industrial, modern armature." Warm interior glow seeps through, illuminating organic abaca texture against clean lines. Details and Dimensions: Peek floor lamp. 11.25" Dia. X 67.75"H. Designed by Ceci Thompson. Woven, natural abaca shade and metal base with black finish and plastic cord. Accommodates two 23W CFL bulbs (included); also accommodates two 60W incandescent bulbs (not included) Dimmer switch. Dust with soft, dry cloth. UL-Listed. Made in the Philippines. Note: This item is manufactured in compliance with U.S. Standards. If you are purchasing this item for use outside of the U.S. Or Canada, use only with the appropriate outlet adaptor and voltage converter for your country. Do not plug into an electrical outlet higher than 110-120V as this could result in fire and/or injury. Overall Dimensions: Height: 67.75" Diameter: 11.25" Diameter: Diameter: 11.25" Base Diameter: Diameter: 11.25" Cord Length: Height: 144"
  • Falena Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    This floor lamp is low voltage with electronic plug-type transformer and dimmer on the cord. Adjustable body in chrome-plated metal. Revolving diffuser wings in anodized aluminum. Stem in chrome-plated brass. Thick polished glass base. A jack allows the electric connection between the base and the body. Transformer included. Bulb: 1 x 50W 12V T4 Bi Pin GY6,35
  • Emperor Floor Lamp By Moooi
    Once upon a time an Asian emperor received a nightingale as a gift. The charming bird sang so beautifully that the emperor always wanted it by his side. He placed the nightingale in a majestic hand woven bamboo cage in the imperial chambers and listened, enchanted, to the magic sound… Emperor Floor lamp provides diffused ambient illumination. See complete Emperor Collection here. Features: Designer: Neri & Hu. Year of design: 2009. Material: Bamboo rattan cage, Aluminium frame and glass diffuser. Zamac base with steel frame. Additional: Each cage is woven by hand and therefore has a unique character. In-line foot dimmer on floor lamp. The base, stem and shade are packed separately and has to be mounted by hand. The Emperor has a glass diffuser, that creates a very warm glow of light. Color: Red RAL 3004, Black RAL 9005. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 20.9Dia x 70.9H. Cable length: 9.84ft (Black textile) Bulbs: 1x60W max G9 (not included) Switch: Slide dimmer. US 2-pin plug. Cleaning Instructions: Moooi recommends using a quality multi-surface spray cleaner and/or a trusted furniture polish on a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cloths or substances and always read the label of any product you wish to use on or near items from the Moooi collection.
  • Luminator Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    Floor lamp with dimmer. Indirect light emission. Structure in nickel-plated brass. Features. Floor lamp. Made in Italy. Materials: Structure in nickel-plated brass. Environment: Indoor (dry location) Black power cable, dimmer and plug. Available in Nickel-plated Brass and Black. Specifications. Dimensions (inches): Overall: 12.2 Dia x 74.8 H. Emergency: Without. Dimming: Yes. Voltage: 120V. Lamp Type: Halogen. Bulb: 1×250W T4 Mini-Can E11.
  • Doride Floor Lamp By Artemide
    Floor standing fixture for adjustable direct diffused lighting. Features. Designer: Karim Rashid. Made in Italy. Material: Steel base. Structure in hydroformed metal in polished black or white finish. Anti-dazzle louvre in thermoplastic material. A joint along the vertical lamp development allows a rotation until 350˚, adjusting the light emission and assuming different shapes in the space. Push dimmer placed on the stem. Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Overall: 43.7W x 14.2D x 87H. Lamp Type: Fluorescent. Bulbs: 1x42W GX24q-4 Fluorescent (Included) listed.
  • Polaris Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    This floor lamp comes with a dimmer. Varnished nylon structure manufactured with rotational molding process. Satin steel base. Bulb: 1 x 300W T3/L
  • Fons 1 Light LED Floor Lamp By Cerno
    The goal with the Fons was to minimize the structure and visual massing of the fixture while maximizing the reach or cantilever. The delicate boom arm, upheld by a tension cable, gently bends while reaching out to almost horizontal where it suspends the light. The structural design is an extremely effective way to resolve the forces associated with such a long reach. It is so effective and efficient that it seems to float with a weightlessness at the tip. Features. Designed by Nick Sheridan. Handmade in California by Cerno. Type: Floor Lamp. Material: Walnut, aluminum, stainless steel cable, linen shade, powder coated steel base. The light not only washes up and down the wall but also filters out through the composition, exhibiting the fixture’s depth in three dimensions. Energy Efficient LED Light Source. Dimmable (use TRIAC or ELV dimmer) 72 inches (1829mm) black braided cord with inline foot switch 2 ft from base. Wood grain will vary. Available in 123 inches and 96 inches arm lengths (not adjustable) Specifications: Dimensions (inches): Ten Foot Boom: 19W x 123L x 91H. Eight Foot Boom: 19W x 96L x 91H. Lamp type: LED. Bulbs: 1 x 13.5W E26 (medium base) A19 LED lamp, 2700K, 93 CRI, 800 lumens (included) Listed: cULus.
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  • Nobi Floor Lamp By FontanaArte
    Floor lamp has a dimmer and metal frame. Pressed, acid-etched and tempered glass diffuser. Bulb: Small - 1 x 150W T3/S Double Ended R7s - short. Large - 1 x 300W T3/L Double Ended R7s - long
  • TMC Adjustable Floor Lamp By Santa & Cole
    The latest edition of the highly praised TMC lamp by Miguel Mila for Santa & Cole appears in 2011, at the age of 50, recovering important details from the original design and incorporating definitive improvements into the characteristic height-adjustable system of its circular shade. The definitive edition, according to its author. Chrome-plated metal structure in the upper part. Height adjustable white methacrylate shade. The light is switched on and off by pulling lightly on the cable.
  • FontanaArte - Vertigo Floor Lamp
    A lamp, which is comparable to abstract paintings: The Vertigo was designed by Marco Acerbis for FontanaArte in 2005. The Vertigo floor lamp was shaped for indirect illumination and it has an integrated dimmer. The special and abstract structure of the lamp emerges by the shaping of an aluminium sheet. The base is made of matt black painted metal. The structure of the floor lamp by FontanaArte is rotatable by 320° for many effects. The dimmable light of the Vertigo floor lamp has different advantages: Few light makes it look like a sculptural object, which emphasizes itself and many light flowing the ceiling is suitable to light the whole room with pleasant, indirect light. Vertigo has a height of 194cm. Beside the high-gloss-polished aluminium editions, that promise effective mirror reflections of the surrounding, the Vertigo floor lamp is also available in other colours. The sculptural lamp by FontanaArte spreads its light upwards, which is glare-free, pleasant and harmonic in every room.
  • CB2 Grove Floor Lamp
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    Ahead of the curve. Now this is a statement piece. Scaled larger than life at more than 7-feet tall, sculptural lamp is an architectural feat in a mix of natural materials. Anchored by a round of concrete, sleek antiqued steel pole ascends up and over in a dramatic arc. Punctuated by a natural linen drum shade, fabric radiates a warm glow when lit from within. Arrives ready to light up the room with one dimmable 23W CFL bulb. Details and Dimensions: Grove floor lamp. 58"Wx22"Dx89"H. Linen shade. Concrete base. Steel pole with antique finish. Dimmer switch. Includes one dimmable 23W CFL bulb; also accommodates a 100W Type A incandescent bulb (not included) learn more. UL-listed learn more. Made in China. Note: This item is manufactured in compliance with U.S. Standards. If you are purchasing this item for use outside of the U.S. Or Canada, use only with the appropriate outlet adaptor and voltage converter for your country. Do not plug into an electrical outlet higher than 110-120V as this could result in fire and/or injury. Overall Dimensions: Width: 58" Depth: 22" Height: 89" Shade Diameter: Height: 10" Diameter: 22" Cord Length: Height: 72" Floor To Base Of Shade: Height: 59"
  • FontanaArte - Carmen Floor Lamp
    The Carmen floor lamp shines like the scaly dress of a fish, which moves under the water. The floor lamp was designed by Héctor Serrano for FontanaArte in 2011. The mushroom-like shade of the Carmen lamp is made of numerous levels of scales made of white polished metal. FontanaArte Carmen Floor Lamp: Versatile Light Solutions Several bulbs ensure versatile light solutions. The Carmen floor lamp has two faces, since it is able to spread direct light led downwards, and as well, independently it also spreads dimmable light upwards. This transforms the Carmen floor lamp into a multitalented: It is a reading lamp or an accent light with direct light and a ceiling flooder for pleasant ambience and also able to brighten the room if necessary, with indirect light. On the bottom of the lampshade there is a satined diffuser, which keeps the direct light from dazzling. While the main part of the light is directly led downwards, a soft shimmer goes between the single elements of the lampshade and enables unique light effects. Carmen is also available as pendant , table lamp or standard lamp.
  • AJ Floor Lamp By Louis Poulsen
    The AJ Floor lamp is designed (among other lighting fixtures), for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen. The standard lamp consists of a lampholder in an enameled brass pipe. The dimensions and construction of which are reminiscent of his ceiling lamp in the council chamber of Roedovre. A tilting mechanism has been installed in the pipe. The angles of the conic metal shade are made to be flush with the lampholder at the top, at least that was the intention, but in reality it is raised a little as an optical correction. When the lamp is tilted downwards, the edge is horizontal. The inside of the shade is mat white enamel. The screening is effective, you cannot look up into the light source. Using a clear incandescent lamp the light is exploited the best way and the the light rays delineated preciesly. The AJ Floor lamp creates direct and angled illumination. The lighting characteristics make it suitable when placed in a situation where distinct and directed illumination is required.