Fontanaarte Parola Table Lamp
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  • Ai Lati Show - Ogiva Table Lamp
    Imported from ItalyTable lamp composed of hand-crafted blown crystal glass and chrome metal elements. The lampshade is in ivory colored pleated fabric. Halogen lamps have sandblasted thermoresistant glass shields. Dimmer switch located on cord. Available in two sizes. Dimensions:T: 12"D X 18"H.T2: 18"D X 28"H.
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Glass Drop Table Lamp
    Design by Diesel Creative Team, 2014.By Foscarini.Like a small drop of incandescent glass, the Glass Drop Table Lamp from the Diesel Collection appears to represent the magical and fleeting nature of this raw material, which is both fluid and solid at the same time. Its aluminum finishing on the contrary, is unmistakably contemporary. A textured surface finish interacts with the light, changing color and appearance according to its intensity. Provides ambient, diffused illumination.Constructed of metallized blown glass and varnished steel. Includes 78.75" cord and dimmer switch.
  • Flos Spun Light T Table Lamp
    Design by Sebastian Wrong, 2003.Made in Italy by FLOS.The Spun light series from Flos is all about simplicity. It utilizes modern manufacturing technology embracing elegance and craftsmanship. Fabricated and machined from aluminum and made to high specification. It is inspired by dynamic fluid aesthetics. The lights are bold and sleek using color and form to create a contemporary classic.Spun features a spun metal frame and diffuser, die-cast aluminum diffuser support arms and lamp-holder support, painted in different colors. White injection-molded polycarbonate (UL-94 V2) diffuser supports. Sandblasted pressed glass upper diffuser screen. Dimmer for 0-100% luminosity adjustment on polarized cord.
  • Flos Ray T Table Lamp
    Design by Rodolfo Dordoni, 2006.By FLOS."The stand supporting the light source is an elementary structure, part pablo-lighthouse-lamp, part power pylon"- Rodolfo Dordoni.Ray T provides direct or diffused illumination. Chrome plated steel structure, diffuser in grey blown glass or white or black painted metal. Select from three color/models.
  • Flos Romeo Moon T Table Lamp
    Design by Philippe Starck, 1998.Made in Italy by FLOS.This table/desk lamp provides diffused light. Features an acid-etched pressed borosilicate glass internal diffuser with pressed clear glass shade. Gray painted steel stem and die-cast aluminum base and yoke. Injection-molded transparent polycarbonate diffuser support. On/Off switch (fluorescent) or dimmer (halogen) located on the cord.
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  • Slamp Fiorellina Table Lamp
    Design by Nigel Coates.Made by Slamp.Maybe you already have flowers on the table, but why not add more elsewhere in the house? The Fiorella Table Lamp captures an exuberant bouquet filled with freshness and vitality. Its 24 branches amplify the effects of multiple surfaces. Made from Slamp's patented materials Opalflex? and Cristalflex?, this decorative table lamp is available with either a white, fume or gold finish. Ships with 56" of cord and inline rocker switch. Opalflex?: Patented and recyclable, this innovative material is an original mixture of technopolymers and glass crystals. This exclusive polycarbonate material for SLAMP is luminous and attractive like glass while being versatile and resistant like plastic. Color is added through silk-screen printing. Cristalflex?: Brilliant like glass, but versatile and durable as only modern materials can be, this transparent material was developed and produced by Bayer Vivak?. This polycarbonate material is lightweight, visually appealing, and makes lamps easy to assemble.
  • FontanaArte Parola Table Lamp
    Design by Gae Aulenti and Piero Castiglioni, 1980.Made in Italy.By FontanaArte.A classic design that fuses 3 glass technologies in its production. The float glass base with blown glass diffuser which FontanaArte was historically known for, is brought together with a borosilicate glass stem. Borosilicate glass was and is mostly used for labware. For lighting design, it is used in lamps and lamp covers - but prior to the Parola borosilicate glass was not something used as a decorative element in any lighting or furniture. So it brought a mix of modern glass usage along with the history of FontanaArte's manufacturing.Parola provides diffused ambient as well as direct accent illumination. Choose from white or amber glass diffuser. The cord has a braided black and white cloth cover and in-line dimmer.
  • FLOS Ray Table Lamp
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    Ray T table lamp providing diffused lighting. Features Designed by Rodolfo Dordoni, 2007 Mounting: Table Top Resistive dimmer wired on cord for 0-100% light adjustment Power cord with black PVC/PVC (flat) Switch on cord Suitable for indoor use
  • FontanaArte 3247ta Table Lamp
    Design by Archivio Storico FontanaArte, 1954.Imported from Italy.The 3247TA is a classic. Features a diffuser in satin opal white blown glass and a nickel-plated metal frame.On/off switch located on cords.
  • Artemide Dioscuri Table Lamp
    The Dioscuri Table Lamps offer standing luminaires for diffused incandescent or halogen lighting. Minimalistic design featuring a classic, simple globe and a hidden supporting base. Globe diffuser in etched white hand-blown glass. Concealed base in white polycarbonate with weighted steel base. Dimmer switch on cord for Dioscuris 25, 35 and 42. Dioscuri 14 has on/off switch on the cord. Models 25, 35, 42 are UL listed.
  • FontanaArte Pirellina Table Lamp
    Design by Gio Ponti, 1967.By FontanaArte. Pirellina is a classic table lamp designed by Gio Ponti in 1967 and still produced by FontanaArte. It features a nickel- plated brass frame with diffusers in curved, pressed glass. Made in Italy. UL listed.
  • Sonneman Grasso Table Lamp
    Design by Robert Sonneman, 2015.Made By SONNEMAN - A Way of Light.The Grasso Table Lamp is a clean and versatile take on a classic design. Leave the glass volumes empty for a minimalist aesthetic, or lift the cap to fill these jars with your treasures to provide a personal touch. Perfect for modern living rooms and bedrooms, Grasso is offered with an off-white linen shade and a choice of red or black silk covered cord. 3-way turn switch.
  • FontanaArte Falena Table Lamp
    Design by ?lvaro Siza, 1994.By FontanaArte. Low-voltage table lamp with electronic plug-type transformer and switch on the wire for double intensity. Base in very thick, polished glass. The main structure is in chrome-plated metal and adjustable through 360? rotation. Adjustable diffuser wings in anodized aluminum. Jack-type electric connection between the base and the body.
  • Flos Copycat Table Lamp
    Design by Michael Anastassiades, 2015.By FLOS. Stunning. Elegant. FLOS debuts The COPYCAT table lighting fixture comprising a sleek aluminum sphere machined from solid and then gold-coated with 24K gold placed under the shadow of a large beautifully illuminated glass sphere. Featuring hand-blown glass opal diffuser, this fixture's LED light source is dimmable with dimmer switch on the power cable. Available in 24K Gold, Black, Copper, Polished Aluminum Finishes.
  • FontanaArte Bilia Table Lamp
    Design by Gio Ponti, 1931.Made in Italy.By FontanaArte.Designed as one of the first designs for what would become FontanaArte. In the early 20th century, steel construction was becoming more prevalent, allowing for bigger and more windows in structures. This lead to the need for float glass to be provided quickly and consistently. Seeing the production advancements in float glass technology along with the ability to also produce hand crafted blown glass, Gio Ponti and Pietro Chiesa approached the Luigi Fontana Company to manufacture their designs for the home which could be mass produced but with an Italian artisan craftsmanship. The Bilia was one of these first designs and went into production in 1932. The Bilia remains as relevant today as it was in 1931, and is a signature piece of both FontanaArte and Gio Ponti.Table lamp for diffused ambient illumination. The base is brushed nickel metal frame, and topped with a satin blown white glass globe. Transparent cord with on/off switch.
  • Flos Light Photon Table Lamp
    Design by Philippe Starck, 2012.By FLOS.Organic LED (OLED) technology is currently a unique solution to building large light-emitting surfaces. OLED light sources have the appearance of a thin foil of light laminated between two high purity glass sheets. OLEDs can be recycled in the existing glass waste chain which classifies them among the most environmentally friendly light sources available.The Light Photon Table Lamp is equipped with OLEDs using the latest development in nanotechnology and functional chemistry. The light source is made of a complex stack of thin molecular layers of organic materials that produces white light. Only five hundred Light Photon Table Lamps were produced and each piece is uniquely numbered. Stainless steel finish. 138 inch cord.
  • FontanaArte Daruma Table Lamp
    Design by Sergio Asti, 1968.Made in Italy.By FontanaArte.The idea was to design a group of lamps entirely of one material. The simple shape, a play on Japanese Daruma dolls, gives a timeless look and allows the light to have a very warm illumination throughout.Daruma is available in three sizes. Diffuser and cap are both in polished white blown glass. Provides decorative and ambient illumination. On/off switch is located on the cord.Exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
  • Marset Mercer Table Lamp - Medium
    Blown glass houses a pure cotton ribboned shade for a lamp that is both classic and modern. The Mercer shade appears to float in the clear glass housing making for a light source that is as stunning and it is spectacular. The Mercer Table Lamp is available in 3 sizes with 2 shade colors to choose from, pleated white or pearl white.
  • FontanaArte Loop Table Lamp
    Design by Benson Saw, 2003.By FontanaArte. Unique table lamp with a rotating "lid" that controls the amount of light allowed to diffuse through the bottom part.
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Metal Glass 1 Table Lamp
    Design by Diesel, 2013By Foscarini. Resulting from the marriage between the centuries-old tradition of blown glass, the Metal Glass 1 Table Lamp is distinguished by a dense and almost opaque transparency. This is achieved by pouring soda powder into the molten glass. The resulting chemical reaction creates an array of bubbles that are transformed into luminous particles when the shade is illuminated. The pyrex cylinder inside spreads the light while being a part of the design. Shade available in grey or amber. Shown in amber. Switch located on cord.
  • FontanaArte Chiara Table Lamp
    Designed by FontanaArte.Imported from Italy.The Chiara Table lamp with brushed nickel stem and diffuser in blow opal white glass.
  • Zaneen Mini Libera Table Lamp
    Design by Brian Rosmussen, 2012.Made in Italy by Lucente for ZaneenA small version of the Libera range. The Mini Libera Table lamp is a versatile lamp for several project applications. Mini Libera is made from differing sizes of formed aluminum sheets. The sheets are placed one over the other giving the fixture a dynamic look similar to a wave. In the center, as an axis, is a blown glass diffuser to house the lamps. Libera offers ambient diffused light and also direct light. The aluminum sheets create a play of light and shadow which changes depending on viewing angles.Libera is available with an LED or halogen light source. Matt white painted finish.
  • FontanaArte Sara Table Lamps
    Design by Pierluigi Cerri (Gregotti Associati), 1993.By FontanaArte.Sara table lamps provide accent and ambient light. Available with painted aluminum or chrome plated metal base. Diffuser in silk screened polycarbonate.
  • Foscarini Diesel Collection Metal Glass 2 Table Lamp
    Design by Diesel, 2013By Foscarini. Resulting from the marriage between the centuries-old tradition of blown glass, the Metal Glass 2 Table Lamp is distinguished by a dense and almost opaque transparency. This is achieved by pouring soda powder into the molten glass. The resulting chemical reaction creates an array of bubbles that are transformed into luminous particles when the shade is illuminated. The pyrex cylinder inside spreads the light while being a part of the design. Shade available in grey or green. Shown in grey. Switch located on cord.
  • FontanaArte Fontana Table Lamp
    Design by Max Ingrand, 1954.By FontanaArte. The Fontana Table Lamp features minimalist styling with illumination from both the base and shade. White-painted metal frame. Lamp shade and globe in white, satined, blown glass. Black power flex and switch. Bulbs included. Select from three sizes, two with double switching and one with triple switching. UL listed.
  • FLOS Guns Bedside Table Lamp
    BEDSIDE GUN table lamp providing direct reading and ambient lighting. Features Guns Collection Designed by Philippe Starck, 2005 Mounting: Base Comes in combination of polished 18K gold with shade in matte black and gold silkscreen on the inside or chrome
  • FontanaArte Bianca Table Lamp
    Design by Matti Klenell, 2015.Made in Italy by FontanaArte.The Bianca Table Lamp has a stunning milky white cased blown glass diffuser etched with delicate grooves that resemble trails of footprints on fresh snow. The glass is mouth blown and then treated with utmost skill and care to give the fixture its silky appearance. Paired with matte white coating on the metal base finishes the soft and clean look of this table lamp. The LED module within the diffuser produces warm diffused light ideal for modern living rooms and bedrooms. Features a transparent white power cord and plug.
  • Santa & Cole Diana Menor Table Lamp
    Design by Federico Correa, Alfonso Mila and Miguel Mil?, 1995.Made in Barcelona, Spain by Santa & Cole.A combination of functional and compositional sobriety, the Diana Menor Table Lamp is dominated by its circular shape. A large linen shade complements the disc-shaped, satin-nickel base and segmented body of varying diameters. The Diana Menor is the smaller version of the Diana Table Lamp and combines the same classic design and modern treatments. The Diana Menor Table Lamp is available with a stain nickel or brass base with a white or black linen shade.Dimmer included on cord.
  • FontanaArte Giova Table Lamp
    Design by Gae Aulenti, 1964.By Fontana Arte.Half vase, half table lamp, Giova is a truly unique midcentry marvel, perfectly suitable for modern interiors. This captivating fixture is light, portable, and very inspiring, which makes it a good fit for kitchens, living and dining rooms.The Giova table lamp features a metal base with polished chrome finish and the black power cable, plug and switch. All of its three glass diffusers are made of blown glass: the middle globe is transparent, the inner globe boasts polished white opaline glass, while the upper half-sphere is pink, with the decorative bubbles throughout.Giova is easy to maintain and clean: the upper glass diffuser, which serves as a flower vase, can be hand-washed with a regular dish soap. Thanks to its versatile construction, the lamp can be illuminated by means of any standard medium base incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lamp.Note: Plant not included.

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