An art collage from February 2012

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  • Candy Tower
    Candy Tower. . Exclusively ours. Filled with Sour Ribbon, Jelly Belly® jelly beans, Sour Fruit Salad, Mike & Ikes, Sour Kiddos, and Gummy Bears. 3"Dia. x 18"T. Made in the USA. Allergen Information: Contains dairy and nuts.
  • simpatica
  • JEALOUS Candy Magic Impossibly Lovely Sweets 200g
    Jealous Cool Fizz Dangerously Fruity Sweets. 200g box including 100g Gummy Bears and 100g Fizzy Drops. 100% vegetarian. Gluten-free. No artificial colours or flavours. Packed in an environment that handles nuts. Made in the UK.
  • Jealous Sweets Bittersweet Blitz (300g)
    Jealous Sweets crafts curiously covetable candy - naturally irresistible to those with an eye for something special. Perfect for sharing, this delectable selection of Gummy Bears, Sour Beans and Tropical Tang has something for everyone to enjoy and are all 100% free from artificial colours or flavouring,
  • Holiday Sugar-Free Gummy Bears
    Enjoy a sweet, chewy treat without the sugar. Sweetened with maltitol, our sugar-free gummy bears come in a rainbow of colors and fresh fruit flavors, perfect for decorating cakes and cookies, or just nibbling out of hand. Simply open our cellophane bag and get snacking. 10 oz. Made in USA.
  • FREDS at Barneys New York Pail of Gummy Bears
    FREDS at Barneys New York pail of assorted gummy bears. Includes assortment of red, green and white gummy bears . Pail: 3.75" height x 4" diameter, approximately . 150 pieces, approximately . 16 oz./453g net weight . May contain traces of gluten, soy lechitin, milk and products of milk, hazelnut, pistachio, almond, walnuts.
  • IT SUGAR Six pack of gummy bears 326g
    It'Sugar six-peice gummy bear set. 326g. See ingredients tab for more details.
  • Sonoma Sweet Shoppe, Raspberry Balls
    Take a sweet trip down memory lane with our nostalgic confections, inspired by the penny candies that lined the shelves of old-fashioned corner stores. Vibrant and intensely flavorful, our Raspberry Balls earn their stripes with eye-catching color and pure berry sweetness. They're hand made by premium British purveyors, who stir a spoonful of whimsy into every batch and bottle the goodies in a vintage-style glass jar that's perfect for gift giving. 6.9 oz. Made in United Kingdom.
  • Twinings Green Tea K-cups, 24 ct
    Twinings Green Tea K-cups 24-Count of Twinings Green Tea. A soothing and refreshing green tea with a delicate flavor and a light golden color. Pure and natural; made from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant. Twinings Green Tea is a style called "Sencha", known for its smooth, mild characteristics.
  • OXO Pop Containers
    Make the most of your cabinet or pantry space with this modular set of food storage containers. Their unique push-button tops create an airtight seal to keep foods fresher for longer. Set includes 10 containers and 10 lids for storing a variety of dry foods including flours, sugars, pasta, coffee, snack mix, nuts, candy and spices. Made of hard, durable plastic. BPA free. Silicone gaskets form an airtight seal. To seal, press the top button. To open, press button again. Pop-up buttons also serve as handles to lift lids. Varied square and rectangular shapes are stackable for saving space. Great for use in the garage, sewing room, play room and more. Large container holds a 5-lb. bag of flour or sugar.
  • Monbento Square Lunch Box
    Savor your favorite delicious, nutritious meals everywhere you go with Monbento's Square Lunch Box, a high-capacity design that holds generous portions. Inspired by Japanese bento boxes and updated for the modern family, the durable, lightweight design is ideal for back-to-school, field trips, picnics and the office. Simply fill, stack and secure with the elastic band, and you’re ready for the day. The microwavable containers are perfect for hot or cold foods and are easy to clean. High-capacity lunch box from Monbento, the premier maker of stylish, portable food storage. Two tall, stackable square bowls are ideal for salads, taller sandwiches and generous portions of fresh fruit and more. Removable small cup lets you divide contents or store croutons, dip and other toppings separately. Two elastic bands let you securely stack both containers or carry just one. Durable and lightweight, with an airtight silicone seal that helps keep foods fresh while preventing drips and spills. BPA-free. Microwavable; freezer and dishwasher safe.
  • Twinings Green Tea, 1.41 oz
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    Green tea is known for its smooth flavor and refreshing taste. Green teas are made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, the same leaves as black tea. Green teas go through a process where the leaves are heated to prevent oxidation while black teas are oxidized for additional color and flavor. The result is a delicious tea that brews to a light golden color and unique flavor. Twinings Green Tea is a style called "Sencha", known for its smooth, mild characteristics. Green Tea is pure and natural; smooth in flavor and refreshing taste. Features include: Soothing blend of select green tea leaves. Smooth and refreshing with a light golden color. Mild, Sencha-style tea; natural source of antioxidants. Pure and natural; made from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant.
  • Lipton Green Tea Bags, 20 ct, 3 pk
    A Sip of Good Health Tea is probably the most widely consumed beverage around the world by people of different cultures and tastes. Lipton Green Tea Bags combine fruit flavors with all natural green tea and herbs that helps relieve one from stress and anxiety. These tea bags naturally contain tea flavonoids and are made from the finest leaves from around the world. Contains 150 mg of flavonoids per serving. Delicate aroma with a beautiful pale green color. High on quality and pure in taste. Can be enjoyed both as hot and iced beverages. Tea naturally contains zero calories which makes it instrumental in weight control. Lipton Green Tea Bags are 100% natural and are free of additives and preservatives. Just For You: The entire family. Essential Elements: It consists of 150 mg of flavonoids per serving and can be enjoyed both as hot and iced beverages. Free of: Calories, added preservatives and coloring.
  • Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Decaf Green Tea Bags, 20 ct, 2 pk
    Aromatic Seasonal Celebrations Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Decaf Green Tea is a delicious offering in this segment. Tea drinkers will love this new blend of flavors. It has been decked with seasonal images in lovely packages. Health conscious ones look no further. Caffeine free and zero in calories. Made of distinctive flavors. Contains all natural herbs, which helps lead a healthier life. Made with antioxidant rich green tea, it will boost your health along with the treat it gives in terms of taste. Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Decaf Green Tea Bags is a treasured mark of holiday spirit for centuries. The scrumptious taste of candy cane can now be got without going to candy stores. Just For You: Tea lovers. Essential Elements: The combination of peppermint leaves, decaffeinated green tea, orange peel, natural vanilla and mint flavors , roasted carob, roasted chicory, and vanilla bean makes this a lip smacking drink. Free of: Caffeine, gluten, artificial flavors and colors.
  • Twinings Jasmine Green Tea, 1.41 oz, 20 ct
    Green tea is known for its smooth flavor and refreshing taste. Green teas are made from leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, the same leaves as black tea. Green teas go through a process where the leaves are heated to prevent oxidation while black teas are oxidized for additional color and flavor. Twinings' Jasmine Green Tea is layered with freshly picked jasmine flowers, allowing the tea leaves to absorb the delicate fragrance. The result is a mild and refreshing tea with an alluring aroma. Jasmine green tea is pure and natural refreshing green tea lightly scented with jasmine flowers for a delicate fragrance. Features include: Fine green tea leaves layered with freshly picked jasmine blossoms. Mild and refreshing with a pale golden color. Delicate blend with an alluring aroma; natural source of antioxidants. Pure and natural; made from leaves of the Camellia Sinesis plant.
  • Crate & Barrel Chocolate Dipped Candy Cane
    From Hammond's, a Denver-based candy company founded in 1920, the iconic holiday candy cane gets hand-dipped in creamy milk chocolate for an adult take on the classic treat. Hammond's opts not to use the common whitening agent titanium dioxide in their candy canes, so the white stripes are a soft creamy color that will change with age. They also use open kettles in their small-batch process, which allows for color variation between batches based on temperature, barometric pressure and other weather factors.
  • Byers' Choice Sugar Cookie Cottage Gingerbread House
    Byers' Choice tells a very sweet holiday story with the immaculately crafted, almost-good-enough-to-eat Sugar Cookie Cottage Gingerbread House. With the look of cookie, frosting, candy and fudge, but designed to stay fresh for many holidays to come. (Clearance) Resin.
  • Lipton Green Tea Bags, Superfruit Red Goji with Rasbperry, 20 ct , 6 pk
    Lipton knows that a great cup of tea starts with the tea leaves. Our All Natural green tea blend is selected from the freshest high-grown tea leaves and is packed with protective flavonoid antioxidants. And by drinking a cup of Lipton, you're not just taking care of yourself. We've sourced over 80% of this tea from Rainforest Alliance Certified tea estates that meet rigorous criteria for protecting the land and providing better conditions for workers, their families and their communities. Features include: Has the unique blend of the exotic flavors of red goji and raspberry with Lipton's special green tea. Pack of six 20-count tea bag boxes (total 120 tea bags). Contains 112 mg of flavonoids per 8 fluid ounce serving, is 100% natural, no preservatives or coloring. Green tea superfruit is a perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle. Enjoy this superfruit green tea hot or iced.
  • Crate & Barrel Hammond's Candies Root Beer Art Candy Gift Bag
    Crafty little candies with a cute jellyroll style deliver delicious, traditional root beer flavor in an artful new way. From Hammond's Candy Company, founded in Denver in 1920, these artisanal candies are handcrafted to get the perfect swirl in every piece. The root beer flavor is made from locally sourced ingredients using long-time family recipes and methods, with tapioca syrup instead of corn syrup and no artificial color or flavors.
  • Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea Bags, 20 ct
    Peppermint Delight Tea Bags Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea Bags are a classic mint tea invention, created with the finest peppermint grown in Washington, called Oregon. This aromatic peppermint lends a wonderfully fresh and delicious taste to the tea and requires nothing else to make your tea experience complete. The pure peppermint from the great Pacific Northwest that was once kept back to be used exclusively in cakes and candies is used in these tea bags that lends them a whistling cool freshness and flavor. These tea bags are made of natural ingredients and flavors and do not contain any artificial colors or preservatives. Contains peppermint leaves that give a fresh, cool flavor. String-less tea bags to reduce waste. Fancy artwork on packaging. This fresh and cool blend of mint with natural herbs makes a compelling hot cup of tea as you sit back and relax in your room or deeply contemplate about life. It's flavor, texture and richness of aroma can invigorate your senses and uplift your spirits. Just For You: Health-conscious adults. A Closer Look: Celestial Seasonings Peppermint Tea Bags are natural, health-enhancing tea bags created with an exclusive peppermint found in the Pacific meant to uplift your soul. The goodness of peppermint reveals itself whether the tea is prepared hot or cold. Dietary Concerns: Caffeine, artificial colors, preservatives or gluten free. FDA disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
  • Lipton Green Tea Bags, Superfruit, Purple Acai & Blueberry, 20 ct, 3 pk
    A delicate, clean taste, subtle aroma and a beautiful pale green color characterize our range of green tea products. We blend the exotic flavors of purple açai and blueberry with our green tea for a special combination that's sure to please. Plus, LIPTON® Teas naturally contain tea flavonoids. LIPTON® green tea Superfruit is the perfect addition to your healthy lifestyle. LIPTON® infuses fresh picked green tea leaves with a blend of exotic flavors for a special combination that is sure to please. Plus, LIPTON® green tea superfruit teas naturally contain between 108 and 112 mg tea flavonoids per 8 fluid ounce serving.
  • Lipton Green Tea Bags, Superfruit, White Mangosteen & Peach, 20 ct, 3 pk
    Tasty and Refreshing Tea Enjoy unique flavors and authentic taste of Lipton green tea with these Green Tea Bags. You can use these tea bags to make a drink that can be served either hot or as an iced tea. Based on your preferences, make a tea that is delicious and uses just the right mix of exotic flavors like mangosteen and peach. This green tea pack is also great for health-conscious people. Uses 100% natural ingredients. Makes a good health drink. Contains flavonoids known for mood-enhancing properties. Make yourself feel special with these unique Lipton Green Tea Bags that are popular for their fruity flavor and health benefits. Just For You: Green tea lovers. Essential Elements: This is a distinct flavored green tea that makes use of an ideal blend of mangosteen and peach flavors to make an authentic drink. Free of: Preservatives and colors.