HOLA CHICAS ! this is my first set on this tip team and im so excited !!!!! :D:D:D:D
my name is annette or anne. 

so lets get started,
food fiction.
Not everything the packaging says is true, the media plays with your mind and making you believe its healthy whe they're just ripping you off !!!!
Theres a lot of food myth hanging around, so here are some food fiction ! :)

Caeser Salad
A Small bowl Caeser Salad contains 300-500 calories and 30 grams of fat !
The dressing and cheese is what sabotages our diet, and the restaurants usually tend to add alot of dressings in your salad.
Help :
Order your dressing on the side, so YOU can choose how much dressing you want. 
Choose either bacon or Cheese, dont have both !

"Fresh" Smoothies
80 grams of sugar
400-700 calories
and NO protein.
They usually use full fat milk and artificial fruits !! 
Make your smoothie at home! Control what you are putting into your smoothie! ! No added sugars and it tasted AMAZING! 

Energy Bars
Majority of them contain too much chocolate, so might as well eat a chocolate bar.
The size is so small, it leaves you hungry.
Eat a bowl of Cereal or have fruits with peanut butter !
or you can enjoy making your own muesli bar !

Chicken Burrito
"Always choose white meat".
A Chicken Burrito from fast food restaurants contain LOADED saturated fats and full fat cheese. 
you might be craving for this and going totally insane!
so, you can make a tortilla at home.Have wholemeal tortillas with lots of vegetables, beans, etc. instead of the extra saucing, why not try cottage cheese and salsa ? 

Enchanced Water
Not only are vitamins added but sugar are added as well ! only 5% of the vitamins effect your body ?!?!
Sure it’s only 50 Calories….For not even half the bottle! They trick you into drinking 125 calories that are coming from sugar. That’s why reading labels are so important
guys, its simple, if its vitamins youre looking for take a daily vitamin. If its the water you really like, turn to water with lemon.

10 x worse than ice cream !
Full fat milk, added sugary syrup, SATURATED fat whipped toppings.
Fresh Brewed Coffee,
or just low fat ice cream !

I know, they look absolutely delicious,
but theyre worst than cupcakes and donuts.
Full of sugar
Make your own whole meal muffins ! 
But beware of the icings !!!!

Low Fat Yoghurt,
full of calcium and protein and STACKS OF SUGAR !
Try plain non fat greek yohurt (chobani, onmomom).

Iced Tea
it pains me to say this but,
dont let the word "anti oxidants" fool you !
Majority of them are artificially flavoured and has tons of sugar!
The label may say youre drinking 100 calories, yeah yeah yeah but dont forget your also consuming about 250 calories of sugar !
Make your own freshly brew tea !!!!

say goodbye to your waist line !
they have 24 g of fat.
Mayo is the killer !
make your own healthy coleslaw !
Take away the mayo, and add greek yoghurt.

They seem quite healthy... but they're high in calories and high carb content !
They're very easy to over eat too due to its size.
friends meet grape.

Skip the Bacon
Enough said.
Okay but seriously, bacon is so full of fat, grease, sodium and can do damage to your heart
Skipping out on your morning slices of bacon can cause a 10lbs weight loss in one year!

Frozen Dinner
they're quick, yeah, with weight gain !
Loaded in sodium and fats !!!
find a low sodium/fat content or make your own dinner !

"Eggs are bad for your heart"
yes, eggs contain alot of cholesterol, but its proven that its good for you and its alright to have an egg a day !

"Six mini meals are better than Three"
This is okay, thats if you can control your portions !
sooner or later, your six "small" meals will turn to six large meals!
If your three large meals contain the same calorie as your six small meals, theres no difference at all.
The option of having six small meals or 3 large ones are really depending on yourself.

"Fast Food is bad for you"
Variety and moderation !
so yes, you may have fast food once in a while, not everyday !
so watch your intake !!!

Im not telling you to NEVER eat these things, like i said variety and moderation !
Yes, you can have them once in a while but never too much !

hope this helped ! x
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