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hey girls :)
Here are some food that are super healthy yet they make you feel fuller :) 

~Eggs... they're full of protein so they'll make you feel fuller for longer!! Great for having in the morning, instead of a bagel or toast. 

~Beans... I have beans almost everyday along with vegetables on the side, and not only do they taste great but it contains a natural hormone that is an appetite suppressant (< Did I spell that right? lawl)

~Oatmeal... sometimes when I eat oatmeal I make WAY more than I think I need! Just for a small bowl makes me full FAST. 

~Apples & Pears... Full of fiber and water

~Tofu.. You would think that it wouldn't make you full because it's really light, but it does! Plus it's filled with protein :)

~Salad & Spinach... Both are really good! If you do eat salad however, don't ruin it with the dressing! Only a little bit is good =]

~Popcorn.... Good for snacking. Try to find the ones that have the least butter on it and have smaller packets.

~Green tea... boosts metabolism!!

~Cinnamon... Just by sprinkling it on your oatmeal or whole grain toast, it can help cure those afternoon sugar cravings!!

~Nuts... Sadly, they're fattening :( But by being careful and eating only a little bit, it DOES make you a lot fuller and boost metabolism!!

~Hot peppers... personally my favorite. I buy those little cans with chopped up jalapeno peppers in them. I put them on almost everything! Since they are so spicy it boosts your metabolism like crazy!!

~Soup... I'm not sure why it makes you full... It just does. xP

And that's it!!
Thanks for reading! If you have any requests, feel free to PM me.
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