For as a lamb is brought to slaughter, so she stands, this innocent, before the king.

I'll probably add some clothes and more junk later, I just wanted to get this done before I went to bed.
+ alaine snow
+ a lamb for the slaughter
+ Poor little Alaine grew up choosing to believe that fairy tales had some truth to them, naively thinking they applied to real life as well. Only last year was she chosen to marry one of the Prophet’s more handsome and seemingly gallant sons, a perfect gentleman as she believed. Then things took a turn for the worst: she became close friends with the prophet’s wife Julia, her first mistake of many, but with one word her entire family had been decimated. Shocked by the behaviours of her less-than-angelic prince (who has cast her off in favour of another girl) and the prophet’s wife, Alaine has been stunned into silence, but in her silence she has slowly begun to open her eyes and see life in Bakersfield as it really is. Currently living in the home of the prophet under Julia’s watchful eye, Alaine is determined to get back at them for what they did to her and what she knows they did to her family. The only problem is, she isn’t sure how to get back at them yet, especially now with the rumours of her potential marriage to Julia’s malformed demon brother and as her former beloved prefers to mentally and physically torture her rather than forget about her.
+ the reason why your character is committing suicide - to get away from the plots and schemes of those in charge of her person because they can't have her.
+andie arthur
  • Victorian Beehive Maxwell Bird Cage Etsy Item of the Day
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    "This is the story of Alaine Snow. It is not a happy one, but neither is many from Bakersfield." — @semper-eadem
    Item: Victorian Bird Cage Seller: sadieolive Prepare yourself, friends. If you love vintage/antique home decor, you will want to buy every single
  • McCartney Family
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    "Once upon a time she had a family. Several brothers, two mothers, and a sister." — @semper-eadem
  • sean bean | Tumblr
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    "She had a father, called Honest Ed by most, who was once friends with the Prophet. That changed many years before Alaine was born, but more of that later." — @semper-eadem
  • More info
    "And she had a mother, as most children often do. She shared her mother with her siblings, save for one brother who had a different mother who had died years ago just as Alaine's own mother would eventually." — @semper-eadem
  • the edge of love | Tumblr
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    "She also had one sister among her many brothers. They did not get along, though Alaine now wishes they had. Her sister, following a great tragedy also disappeared." — @semper-eadem
  • Feltpics - Promotional Materials/Draco
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    "Before the tragedy, Alaine was promised to one of the Prophet's son, an agreement made between her father and the village leader. She could not have been more overjoyed." — @semper-eadem
  • The 15 Best Bitch Faces of Prince Joffrey, TV's Most Loathsome Little Sh*t
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    "And he acted like a prince straight out of the fairytales she knew by heart. Little did she know he was much less a prince and more a monster to haunt her waking moments." — @semper-eadem
    Pajiba: Reviews, News, Quotes & Cultural Commentary
  • foto_decadent: The Dreaming
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    "Nevertheless, she was overjoyed to be his future bride." — @semper-eadem
  • Pawleys Island Chapel - Pawleys Island South Carolina SC
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    "Unfortunately, her father had a disagreement with the Prophet and the Prophet's men." — @semper-eadem
    Originally home to the Pentecostal Holiness Church in nearby Georgetown, this quaint chapel did not arrive on Pawleys Island until the late 1940s, when it was d
  • snow | Tumblr
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    "And then the Tragedy struck, and her family all died save for the brother who was not of her mother. No one needed him anyway." — @semper-eadem
  • andie arthur | Tumblr
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    "And now Alaine is trapped, alone, and in the house of the Prophet under the eye of his queen and at the mercy of her former prince." — @semper-eadem
  • I feel the chaos around me.
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    "Stuck in a pink cell in the house of those responsible for the Tragedy and those she hates most, she is nothing if at their mercy." — @semper-eadem
  • if i am lost it's only for a little while
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    "Trapped, she is their plaything..." — @semper-eadem
    palides: “ untitled by Sophie Tarca on Flickr. ”
  • Romantic Extortion
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    "...especially to her former prince...." — @semper-eadem
    Nóra [18, black, pale tones, cardigans, tights, nailpolish, vans, dr. martens, scars, psyhedelic, Salvador Dali, green, manga, Ian Curtis and Morrissey.]
  • julia saner | Tumblr
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    "...despite the fact that he has a new bride-to-be, a girl name Margie Flowers, who has never been anything but friendly and kind to Alaine. But Alaine has learned the hard way not to trust everything at face value so easily." — @semper-eadem
  • Porcelain in a Tumblr
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    "Now, Alaine is looking for a way out. Anything will do. Save for perhaps a marriage to the brother of the Prophet's queen..." — @semper-eadem
    I have an interest in clothing design, alt modelling, sewing & I’m currently learning Japanese. I wear Country & Classic Lolita clothing. I mainly blog my own Lolita outfits, photoshoots and reblog...
  • monster crazy
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    "...who everyone knows is horribly malformed and rumoured to be a demon, real or not. Nothing could be worse than that." — @semper-eadem
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    "Though one could probably think of a few." — @semper-eadem

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