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I met Will Smith yesterday :O I forgot to tell you all, but he was just sitting in his Escalade in front of this /really/ expensive hotel next to my school. I was the first to see him, hahah. We made eye contact, and he waved at me, so awesome. And then all the (annoying) people at my school saw him and screamed, and ran towards him. 

Today was my last day, scorrre! But we have to come in all next week and this week for finals and stuff. 

Next year I might get an internship at Teen fu*king Vogue. My sewing teacher knows the person who runs Teen Vogue, so I might get an internship... <3

Sorry for rambling, this is for BAM.

❀Friday: It's Friday night, which can only mean one thing... clubbing! Since we haven't had a real night out with everyone at the clubs, we're going all out tonight and hitting all the hottest clubs. From LIV to Mekka, the night will be ours so make sure you look hot, hot, hot.

Zoe and I linked arms, strutting into the club. We spied Rex, Josh, and a bunch of other guys chilling in the corner of the room, acting like they we're the sh*t.

I plopped down next to Josh, leaning my head on him. "Why did you force me to wear these heels?" I threw a look at Zoe, who sat down across from me. "They're fuc*ing huge, and they hurt." I pouted my bottom lip. Zoe rolled her eyes, "I never forced you to wear them." I stuck out my tongue at her in response. I looked around the room, spotting Cyn.

"Cyn!" I called to her. She looked around, confused, and then spotted me, a smile forming on her red lips. Coming over, she sat down beside me, crossing her long legs. She looked around at the guys, and her eyes landed on someone, and she narrowed them. I looked when she was looking, seeing Kerr drinking a beer.

- who wants to be included, next? i have writers block... -
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