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i don’t like scary halloween. i don’t like sexy halloween. i love childish halloween

i love the halloween that’s full of smiling pumpkins watching you from every angle, i love the halloween that’s covered in fake spiderwebs and spiders and bugs, i love the halloween that’s all purple glitter and black cloth and drowning in candycorn and sweets, i love the halloween that’s decorated with grinning skeletons and sheet ghosts and little mechanical figures that go “BOO!!!” when you stand in front of them, i love the halloween that’s all black and orange and green and purple, with plastic bats hanging from ceilings and hands sticking out of candy bowls and silhouettes of witches flying through the night and black cats with arching backs and bright yellow eyes

i love the halloween that’s full of all those so obviously fake decorations and costumes and monsters, that you know is all fake, but as a kid, it all feels so real and mysterious and magical, as if that scarecrow you passed really did come to life instead of just being a man in a costume, as if those ghosts hanging from tree branches were really watching you from the dark corners, as if those zombies sticking out of fake graves could really pop out and chase after you

i love that halloween full of magic of imagination and pure fun, the halloween that’s spirit comes from children’s imagination and creativity, the halloween that comes from the excited giggles of children dressed as vampires and superheroes and cartoon characters getting a kick out of getting scared by the hand in the candy bowl making a grab for theirs, knowing it’ll happen, but feeling giddy about it anyway

that’s the halloween i love

Stay gold,(・ω・)ノ

If you read this, comment  what you are gonna be for Halloween this year. 🎃🍂

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