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~Behind These Hazel Eyes

• Claire

Sunday, July 29, 2012: We're allowed to have some fun… right? Tonight, it's just us. Mom and dad are away at some sort of a business meeting, followed by a romantic night, so we have the house (and practically the entire town!) to ourselves for the night. Stay in and snuggle up with a movie in the deluxe theatre room, or maybe even sneak out and have a tiny bit of fun. But if you are going out, make sure you're home by midnight, because if you're not home by then… well, then there will be consequences. 

My mother and father appeared in my bedroom door frame.

 "Claire, you know how much we trust you." My father's distinct deep voice filled my ears, "Your mother and I will be gone tonight. We need you to be in charge." 

A smile broke out on my mother's face as she walked into my room. She put her hands on my shoulders. "You're such a good girl. You make us so proud." I thought I almost saw her eyes get watery, but she quickly blinked back the almost-tears. She stood taller. "I'll be calling every few hours to make sure everything's okay. Keep us updated if anything goes wrong." 

Although I was happy with the fact that my parents trusted me so much, I felt offended that they didn't even consider the possibility of me /maybe/ breaking the rules for once...why must I always be the good daughter? 

Celeste barged into my room right after mom and dad left. She ran to my closet and started digging through the racks.

"May I help you?" I raised an eyebrow at Celeste's odd behavior. 

She pulled out my favorite blazer and put it on, turning around to see how it looked in my full-length mirror. She saw me standing behind her, with my hands on my hips. "Sorry, didn't see you there." 

"You're so bad at lying. What are you doing in my room?" 

"Sorry, I have a date tonight. I need something to wear." She peered closer to the mirror, fixing her eyeliner.

"Oooh, what's his name?" 

She paused. "Um..uh.. it's Jesse. He's really nice." 

"He must be cute." I commented blandly.

"Uh...yeah. He is." Celeste was never one to say too much about her love life. 

 I went to my closet and dug around for something else. The blazer she had on was one of my favorites. Surely there was something else she could wear. 

"Out of all the closets in this house, what made you choose mine?" I asked. 

Celeste giggled, something she didn't do very often. "Well...of course /you/ have the best style out of all of us."

Such a kiss-up. I knew the real reason. I was the most mild tempered Carmichael sister. Sure, I got into fights, but I never held grudges. Celeste was smart to know that even though I'd be slightly annoyed at the fact that she was pawing through my clothes, I wouldn't stay mad for long. 

"You raise a valid point." I turned back to my closet, still looking for an alternative blazer for Cel. "Here try this," I said, picking out a grey and black one. 

She put it on and examined herself with a look of uncertainty. To be honest, the previous one she had on looked better...but no way was I going to let her wear it. 

"It looks great!" I cheered. 

"Thanks! I owe you one." 

"You /will/ owe me one if you get it lost, dirty or destroyed in any shape or form." I led her to the door. "You're welcome. You may now leave." 

Celeste checked her hair in the mirror one last time. "Where are you going tonight?" 

"Nowhere. I'm in charge. I have to keep this place in order while you guys go out and enjoy yourselves," I said sarcastically, laughing bitterly. 

She shrugged. "I'm late. Thanks again. Have fun!" 

Sure. I'll have fun. Playing parent is always fun. 

 - - - 

"Girls, gather around!" I sat on top of the kitchen counter (with the housekeeper Yulia's permission of course), elevating myself from the rest of my sisters. 

The only girls left in the house were Calliope, Cassandra, Camille and surprisingly Cierra. Celeste was already gone. China had left the minute Mom and Dad had, saying something along the lines of "I'm gonna go have a social life" and sticking her middle finger out at our parents. Typical China. 

"And then there were four..." I said, trying to sound spooky as I stared at each one of their faces. 

Calliope and Cassandra (the good ones) were sitting at the table with their arms crossed.

"Claire, I don't have time for this. I have places to go." Cierra groaned, seeming rushed as she scrambled around the downstairs looking for her shoes. "Where are my new YSL pumps?! I know one of you took them! It was Celeste, wasn't it!? Ugh, I'm going to kill that--" 

"Calm the he-ll down," Camille spoke, looking up from her iPhone. "I'm leaving now. Don't wait up for me." 

I hopped off the counter, making a run for the door. "No, no, no, no. Mom and Dad left me in char--"

"She's not my mom," Camille said in matter-of-fact style. 

There was a minute's moment of awkward silence before Cierra burst, "Claire? I need to leave. Now." 

Cassandra stood up. "Me too...I'm not gonna waste my time at home."

Simultaneously, we all turned our attention to Calliope, looking at her expectantly. 

Noticing that all eyes were on her, she finally looked up from picking at her already chipped manicure. "What?" 

We all shook our heads. That's Calliope for you. Clueless and innocent. 

Camille checked her phone. "I /really/ need to go right now. I'm out b-itches!" she flashed the peace sign and reached for the doorknob. 

"Everyone is allowed to leave. The only rule is to be home by the time the clock strikes midnight. Or else!" I tried again, trying to terrify my sisters into obedience, but my voice was muffled among the noise. Nobody was listening to me, just as I had imagined. 

The three Carmichaels left, the door slamming loudly behind them. 

"You're having fun with this," Calliope said out of the blue. She didn't talk much and when she did, it was always a weird experience. 

I let out a loud sigh. "I am. So what are you going to do tonight? Aren't going to pass up this wonderful opportunity to sneak out, are you?" I knew Calliope didn't do much of anything. She was like the extreme version of me. She /definitely/ didn't have any plans tonight. 

"I could ask the same of you," she said quietly. 

"I literally have no where to go. It seems like all my friends are in London now. There's really nobody here for me to hang out with." 

"What about Ryder?" 

"Eh...I'm actually really tired," I made up an excuse, "Being the boss is hard work. I don't think any of them will actually come home before twelve. Oh well. Goodnight." I padded up the stairs. 

"'Night." I heard her call as I entered my room. 

- - - 

I woke up two hours later. It was only 10 PM. My mouth felt dry so I went downstairs to get some water. The house was quiet. Strangely, in stead of it feeling relaxing (finally some peace and quiet) it felt lonely. I was all alone. Except for Calliope, who was probably lost in a book up in her room, and Yulia, who had gone to sleep. The other housekeepers didn't live in our home.

Calliope's room was right next to mine. The lights weren't on. She must have been reading with a flashlight or something. I stood by the door for a few more minutes. There was no sound of pages turning. 

Was she asleep? Calliope was an insomniac. She never went to bed before 2 AM. I opened the door and turned the light on. 

There was no Calliope in her bed. I checked her bathroom. Nope. Desperately I checked the closet. Nope. 

I silently walked out of her room and went back to mine. 

Quiet, good girl Calliope was not home. 

Well that's a first.
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