Because you're just a little sweetheart c; 
Enjoy! I'm staying up till 3 in the morning for you!! 
I fumbled with my notepad and calculator as me being a financial guru. 
"Kate, your new client, Mr. Payne is here for his 4:10 appointment?" My assistant, Amanda said, opening the door just a peak to announce the information. 
"Send him right in." I smiled. 
Mr. Payne was a new client, but I'm one of the few greatest financial workers in all of New York. 
Now, New York wasn't all laughs and walks in the park. It's challenging to maintain a happy lifestyle in the core of the place where the word 'city' itself was practically formed. 
I worked in a 10 story high building and I could see straight out over the city. One of my favorite parts of this job, really. 
The full glass windows scared me a few times, scared I could just slip through, but we all know that would never happen. 

My door was pushed open to reveal a tall, slender male, very attractive, might I add, that goes by the name of Mr. Payne. 
"So, Mr. Payne, I hear you are now living in New York?" I asked. I always thought you should learn things about the people you work with/for. 
"Oh, please, just call me Liam." He smiled. 
I noticed he had a British accent, meaning this was a surprisingly big move for him most likely. 
"British?" I asked. 
"Yeah, a lot of people think it's odd that a British person would move here, but, it's me." he laughed.
"Hopefully you're enjoying New York so far." I smiled. "Most definitely. Especially now that I have such a beautiful financial person to help me." He laughed. My cheeks flamed. He called me beautiful. 
"Well that's a new one," I softly laughed. 
"I'm just-I uh" he scratched the back of his neck. "Sorry." He apologized. 
"No, no. It's alright. I don't get compliments often, so uh, thank you." I smiled awkwardly. 

"Well, you really are beautiful." he said to me. 
"Thank you." I looked at him in the eyes. My cheeks were probably looking like fire, because that's what they felt like. 

"I know this is probably very unprofessional, but 
w-would you go on a date with m-me?" he stuttered. 
"Sure." I smiled. 
"New York couldn't get any better for me." Liam smiled. 


I'm sorry it's so short! :( 
I started to get tired and I could have gone one with more to do in the story but I'm sitting here like forcing my eyes open :P 
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