for my baby. ♥

i met this beautiful girl on 3.8.12
and she became mine on 3.25.12
yeah we have our ups and downs like every other couple but i love her and i think its time we go up to the next step. i bought this house for us...i want you to know your mine and no one elses. i want the world to know your mine. i love you baby and i know ive hurt you in the past but i promise to work on that.
3.25.12 till the day i die. ;)
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Wrote two years ago
@aidenbossin-juneboiijunito -holds stomach, laughing- Haha, Shoo' Youuu Righttt BooBoooo .

Wrote two years ago
@aidenbossin-juneboiijunito -blushes- Your So Silly.

Wrote two years ago
@aidenbossin-juneboiijunito -hugs you back- -looks up- I Love You (:

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
Oh my god, You sexy beast, you. You did all this for me? -more tears- Aidenn . Gr.. Now I have to buy you things; Haha (: . I don't mind .. Thank you sooooo much, Aiden . Suprise you haven't went bankrupt. Hahaha, Me Love You Longgggg Timeee (:
--- Suprises start to come ; [ Aiden's Bae ) SHAEEE !


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