(This set is done specially for Jesse, who owns Sebastian Wenstrain, Sylverster's date for homecoming. You owe me one now, Jesse :D)


It only took an hour for me to get prepared for homecoming. Picking out the tuxedo from my wardrobe was a piece of cake, and I picked a Marc Jacobs watch to go with my outfit. Keeping my hand bands on, I checked my pockets and declared myself ready to go. The house was dark, and I was the only one home for father had brought the family for a trip to Sydney. He's going for a convention, though, and I scoffed at the idea of a 'family trip'. I'd bet that he'd be stuck in his work and would be unable spend any time with mother at all.

Rolling my eyes, I walked to the garage and got into my babe. With a turn of the key, I smiled as the engine sprang to life and was eager to go. I grabbed the cologne from the compartment, my favorite for it has the faintest yet most pleasant scent, not too overbearing, and sprayed it, making sure to hold it a suitable distance away.

It didn't take long for me to reach her house, and I stopped right outside her house and got out. Just as I was about to signal my arrival by pressing the doorbell, the door opened and I saw her. My eyes widened as I took in her outfit, it was of a pale pink and it suited her very much. With her hair let down and with light makeup on, she looked angelic and yet at the same time, sexy and beautiful.

I smirked, unable to take my eyes off her, and extended my hand for her to hold. "You look gorgeous, Sylverster." Gesturing towards the car, I asked, "Shall we?"
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