Copper didn’t always have trust issues. She had a life as a mail order wife, being sold into sexual slavery from traffickers in Nepal. When her husband got tired of her, he sold her to Blue and his brothel. Copper was one of the first girls he acquired, along with Axel. Over the years, Axel taught Copper how to speak, read, and write English, though she still speaks with an accent. Copper isn’t all bad, she just never learned how to express herself. She prefers to yell over Fox and Bunny when they talk, as she feels she has earned seniority. Copper spends her time training, and is the soldier of the group. Copper doesn’t exercise for looks, she trains so she can never be hurt again. As mean as she may seem, if Copper develops a sweet spot for you, you’ll have gained a valuable ally.
Likes; being a lone wolf, punching, yelling, disagreements, causing fights, aloofness, secrecy, strength, muscles, her daily exercise regimen
Dislikes; smiling, working, focusing, agreeing, talking, hoping, feeling, imagination, sharing
Model; Tallulah Morton

“Chapala.” Hissed my husband as he opened the car door for me. I glanced up at him with weary eyes, reaching to unbuckle my seat belt. He waved me off, slamming the door. As usual, the locks automatically sank down and made the doors impossible to open. I sighed, sinking back into the plush backseat of the town car.

My husband, a 42 year old American, was exchanging heated words with another man outside of the car. Through the window, I heard muffled speaking in an unfamiliar tongue. My husband, or the fat man as I liked to call him, had never bothered to teach me English. It made him feel more powerful. Not a day goes by that I don’t wish that I hadn’t followed the woman to India.

She promised me employment and a stipend to send home to my mother every month. We journeyed through the countryside for weeks on end until we reached the border. The Americans there spoke with her, as I couldn’t respond to them. As she informed me later, she told them that I was her daughter and that we were returning to India to collect the rest of our family. We reached a small shack just on the outskirts of town, where she left me. Other girls, most far younger than me, were huddled on the dirt floor and many were crying. They explained to me that we were to be sold into marriage if we were lucky, though most ended up in brothels. I never cried, just stayed silent. There was no point in running. They knew where my family was, and I assumed that they would kill them if they found me missing. Instead, I waited. Many girls left in tears and even more replaced them. Soon my day came, and I was escorted to an airplane. We departed for America and my new husband.

For me, America wasn’t the place where all of my dreams came true. It was a place for nightmares. I was forced into servitude, keeping house and keeping him happy, and on the nights where he was out with friends, I would plan my escape. There was a knife hidden in my room along with a map of the sewers that ran underneath the city. Tonight was meant to be my final sleepless night. The paper was clenched in my palm and I squeezed it tighter as the door was opened. A steely grip wrenched me out of my seat and onto the bricks.

“Excellent..” The tall man said with a sneer. I struggled to my feet, covering the goosebumps that were forming on my arms. “Bring her in.” The tall man passed my husband several multicolored notes and I glanced between them rapidly. What was happening?

My husband shoved me towards the door without even a goodbye. The tall man wrapped his arm around me and steered me into the building. “You’re going to love it here Copper.”

“Chapala.” I corrected him, but he waved me off. This was the last word I said for the next year.

Copper. I liked the sound of that. 


⋆The Fighter (feat. Ryan Tedder) - Gym Class Heroes
⋆Love the Way You Lie II - Rihanna
⋆Lights - Ellie Goulding
⋆I'm So Sick - Flyleaf
⋆Dancing With Tears In My Eyes - Ke$ha
⋆Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless
⋆The Lightning Strike - Snow Patrol
⋆Titanium (feat. Sia) - David Guetta
⋆Violet Hill - Coldplay
⋆Prostitution Is The World's Oldest Profession - Cobra Starship
⋆Sink or Swim - Tyrone Wells
⋆Count Your Last Blessings - Sum 41
⋆From Yesterday - 30 Seconds to Mars
⋆Uprising - Muse

1. Copper
2. Axel
3. Kitty
4. Cherry
5. Honey
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I love what you wrote underneath of it too. And that you included Chapala :)

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Wrote 4 years ago
@the-clary-project @sophiaspastic done!

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Gorg dear





"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent.
Fashion sets only. Roleplay ads and other high-fashion related sets are welcome, too. No A&F, 'Fave If', and so on sets.
We will have a lot of three-day contests, that will start immediately after we get the required amount of members. We will keep up announcements on when there are contests.
Tell your friends!
- Started by Jours De Grâce on October 3, 2009; 9:06 PM Eastern Time

a runway to hell.

a runway to hell.

just another fashion blog



Welcome to ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS, a reliable and fun source for you to find the hottest new role-plays or advertise one of your own.
ROYAL ROLEPLAYERS is a group in which we keep the roleplay community informed on the latest and greatest roleplays and inspire people to be involved in creating an amazing roleplay right here on Polyvore.
R U L E S //
* Don't submit sets that aren't high fashion role-play sets. This is a strictly high fashion role-play only advertising group. Any sets related to Disney or site-model role-playing will be removed from the group along with corresponding members who submitted them.
* Participate! Compete in contests and let me know if you opened a new role-play group so we can advertise it and add it to the list!
* Don't be upset with me if I'm late advertising or because I don't advertise your group. I'm very busy so please be patient.
* Be polite and patient
* If you'd like to have your role-play listed into the group please let me know via private message by messaging me (@mademoibelle). I will be updating the group as frequently as possible to make sure you find a group that fits your wishes. Please PM me for comments, complaints, or a chance to find a roleplay that fits you.
I M P O R T A N T S Y M B O L S:
+ : This means that the roleplay is accepting try-outs
- : This means they aren't accepting try-outs
º : No longer an active roleplay.
N E W & U P - A N D - C O M I N G R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that have come out within the past couple of months with really cool concepts that are in the opening stage.
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
S O C I A L I T E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These are role-plays that involve a plot such as rich teens or adults living their wild and drama filled lives.
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
C O L L E G E R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These role-plays are about going away to college and finding your way!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
C A R E E R R O L E - P L A Y S:
* These role-plays are for those looking to play an adult character without having it all who are paving their own path.
M O V I E S , T V S H O W S, B O O K S, E T C. I N S P I R E D R O L E - P L A Y S:
* As titled, these role-plays are inspired by movies, shows, books, and more!
(Help us fill this section by PMing us a link :))
M I S C. R O L E P L A Y S:
* Anything that doesn't fall under the other categories goes here!
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♔ Roleplay Temp Agency -
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I Am High-Class.

I Am High-Class.

❧ Greetings....
Welcome to 'I Am High-Class' a group dedicated and for all high-fashion rp poly-members. This group is not only meant to give a place where you can display you high-fashion sets but also where you can ask questions, get tips, and model ideas.
As I said before this group is ONLY for high-fashion rp sets and resources.
If you would like your new high-fashion rp advertised simply pm a mod the information and link to your group. Our goal is to help your blossoming group gain members and recognition.
There will also be a section providing high-fashion rp audition tips. If you would like submit advice pm a mod.
Also mods are open to giving out advice on groups, sets, models etc. so feel free to pm them, please just no harassment or over-messaging.
Text sets are encourages, i.e. sets just made asking for advice, like for model or bio ideas. Members are encouraged to submit these and comment on others so we can all help one another.
If you have any further inquiries simply pm a mod :3
--- ◆♛◆ ----
❧ Model Aid...
One big thing I see people is needing advice on is choosing models. Whether you are creating your rp and choosing designated models, of you get to choose a model for the character you want to audition for sometimes you are not always familiar with all the beautiful faces out there.
The best advice I can give is picture, in vague terms, what you want for your character. Like brunette with green eyes, or blonde with blue. Then look over models and see who fits your basic outline. Making a text set asking for advice i a great way to get input.
Also remember, more often than not high-fashion rp's require high-fashion models, rarely actresses, singers etc. so understand the rules around models ahead of time.
Also using an under-used model can sometimes help you stick out when compared to the same models used all the time.
* Model Showcases~
Some poly-members have actually made collections showcasing great high-fashion models. These are a great visual tool in choosing the best model for you.
Oh, The Beauty | RP Models (@esprit-de-escalier)
Understated Beauty | RP Models (@esprit-de-escalier)
* Model Websites~
Model Directory
If you would like your showcase displayed pm me however I will limit it to 10 in all so the best ones will be displayed.
--- ◆♛◆ ----
❧ Audition Tips...
--- ◆♛◆ ----
❧ High-Fashion RP Ads...
These are links to groups that are new and/or open to auditions. Once you rp has complete the try-out process it will be removed from the list. If you would like you RP posted pm the link :3 The genres are as follows:
-Building Rome
-By the Angel
-Secrets, Sins, and the River of Seine
-Roseau Calvary
-The Village
-End of Time
--- ◆♛◆ ----
❧ Doll Edits...
~If you have a doll edits collection and would like me to add it to this section just pm the link :3
Collection by my-self (@esprit-de-escalier)

©esprit-de-escalier (2012)

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