For the Unique People

For the Unique People
Moderated by patri4.
Please do not submit sets that are not about fashion/art/interior design. Any set that advertises a group, any sets that say "fav if you love..", or any set that contains mostly A&F are not welcome! These kinds of sets wreck the creative vibe. If you do this, then your set will be deleted.
This group is not for you if you love A&F, or anything with a huge name of a brand on it. Or if you have a habit of copying other polyvore members' sets. This group is for unique people (see the title.) However, this group is for you if:
-you only follow the trends you like, or don't follow trends at all
-you let everything inspire you
-you research underground designers, artists, singers, etc. often
-you have made your own clothes, or at least wanted to
-Goodwill is heaven to you
-sometimes your friends have to stop you before you walk out the door because you look so weird
-you love to DIY your clothes
P.m. me with contest ideas!
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