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First I think that the best song to characterize Stelena is Starry Eyed by Ellie Goulding. Lyrics say everything !

They are meant to be together, I would like them to be together in Season 5. I'll always love them because they are passionate and they take care of each other.
I imagine that maybe Stefan will be with Caroline for a while. This season might be really eventful and at the end Damon and Elena will broke up because of the real connection between Stefan and Elena.
I love the Stelena-Delena Love Triangle but I'm a Stefan's fan so I want Stelena back. 
I have two ends for the show, either Elena choose Stefan and they leave Mystic falls together or Elena choose Damon and Stefan leaves Mystic falls alone as the Ripper again. He won't be able to forget her, and his love for Elena is the only way to fight his craving for blood.
I fear for a tragic season finale. I hope none of the doppelgangers will die at the end of the story. I think that the better end for this show is a death. It will be hard for me (I think i'll cry for a week... or a month) and for every fan of TVD but we need an epic finale for this epic TV show.

Stelena team : (Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore)
- Claire @electriklara (Alpha)
- Esi @esy27
- Violetta @violetta400
- Victoria @themightypeacock
- Lexie-Ann @lexie-ann
- Alessandra @ale-salvatore
- Kyra @littlekytten

for @annashreder 's final contest ;)
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