Well this is the first chapter of my new story. Katie is Emilee's and Aiden's step-sister. She not in any tagging krew so that's why I forgot to put her. Hope you enjoy. Please fave it nd tell me what you think. If I get at least 3 faves and/or comments I'll continue. =].
[Emilee's POV]
"Emilee! Emilee! Wake Up!" I felt someone's hands shake me.
"Ugh five more minutes Katie." I covered my face with the blanket.
"Mom said to get up now!"
"She's your mom not mine and I said five more minutes!" I grabbed my extra pillow and swung it at her.

I heard Katie fall to the floor and shout. I uncovered my face and looked to the floor. Her face was red and filled with anger. I burst out laughing and she threw the pillow back at me. Aiden walked in and looked at us as if we were crazy.

"Emilee get up. We're gunna be late for school." he laughed at Katie then walked out.
"Just watch Emilee. You're gunna be sorry for this." then she left too.
"Ooo I'm so scared." I got up and closed my door.

I walked over to my closet and started to look for something to wear. I took out a red and black mid-sleeve plaid shirt and a pair of destroyed crop jeans. After changing I started looking for my shoes. I found my black vans and put them on van. When I finished getting ready I looked at the clock and it was 7:30. I walked downstairs and Aiden was already in the kitchen pigging out on pancakes and eggs. Stephanie and Dominic were also there pigging out on food.

"Don’t you guys ever eat at home?" I tried not to laugh.
"Yea but the food is always better here." Dominic said with a mouth filled with food.
"Fatass." I laughed and Stephanie laughing too.
"Don't be a hater." Dominic smiled.
"You hungry?" Aiden handed me a plate.
"Yea." I took it and sat next to Dominic.

Katie then came down and gave me an evil glare and I bursted out laughing. That caused everyone to look at me and I laughed even more. Katie then threw an apple at me and I ducked causing it to hit Stephanie.

"Hey what the f*ck!" she yelled at Katie.
"I wasn’t aiming for you. I was aiming for Emilee."
"Well you suck at aiming." I told her.
"Well you're face is stupid!" she yelled back.
"At least I ain't a s.lut!" Dominic laughed after I said that.

Her face got red and she walked out the kitchen. I couldn’t stand her especially since we started going to the same school. Even if she was a year younger than me she had more experience with guys than me. When we finished eating it was 7:50 so we put the dishes in the dishwasher and went to Aiden's car. Luckily Katie had already left with her friends. The drive to school seemed like forever and when we got there I didn’t want to get out the car.

"Come on Emilee." Stephanie pulled my hand.
"No I'm died." I laughed.
"I'll get her out." Dominic then pulled me out and threw me on his shoulder.
"Dominic put me down!" I yelled at him.

He laughed and started spinning us around. He then put me down and I tried to keep myself balanced. He sweetly smiled at me and I felt myself blush. His smile turned into a smirk. He pulled me from my waist and held me tight. I felt my heart beating faster. I had always had a crush on Dominic but never admit it for two reasons. One was that he was my brother's best friend. Two was that he was the biggest player and heartbreaker at school. Stephanie noticed me getting uneasy so she pulled me to her. 

"Hey stay away from my babe." she kissed my cheek.

Dominic and Aiden laughed and walked towards our bench and we followed them. Everyone was at the bench expect Brooklyn. 

"Hey where's Brooke?" I asked.
"Oh she texted me that she's going to be late." Aiden answered me.
"Oh okay."

The bell rang and we started walking to class. Since I was ahead in math I had calculus by myself. I was looking at my class paper when I crashed into someone and fell to the ground. 

"Sorry let me help you up." said the person I crashed into.
"No it's my fault." I took their hand and got up.

I froze when I saw who I crashed into. He seemed to have done the same thing. I felt something inside me that made my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. It was love at first sight.
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