So it took me a while to write this chapter. I think I rewrote it like at least 5 times. The part with Dominic and Derek has a few cuss words. It made it sound better then how I had wrote it the first time. It kinda fast fowards a month but it'll make better sense in the future chapters. Well hope you enjoy. Please fave it nd tell me what you think. If I get at least 5 faves and/or comments I'll continue.
[Derek's POV]
(One Month Later)
Everything was going good between me and Emilee. We didn’t see each other as often as we wanted but when we did time would pass by too fast. The only thing that was bothering me was that every time I asked about what happened at the party she would avoid the question and change the subject.

I woke up with the sound of my alarm clock and remembered I had Saturday school. I lazily got up and got a change of clothes so I could take a shower. After getting ready I checked my phone and I had two new messages. One was from riley and the other from Nikki. I opened riley's first.

"Hey you going to Saturday school?" - Riley
"Yea why?" - Derek
"Wanna give me a ride?" - Riley
"Sure I'll text you when I'm going." - Derek
"Kay thanx." - Riley
"No problem." - Derek

After that I opened Nikki's text.

"Hey can you give me a ride to Saturday school?" - Nikki
"Sure I just have to pick up Riley first." - Derek
"K thanx." - Nikki
"No prob." - Derek

I put my phone in my pocket and grabbed my backpack from my closet. I went downstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. After I finished I went to my car and headed towards riley's house. I texted him to go outside and he came out right away. Then I headed towards Nikki's and did the same thing. We arrived to school and the front was packed with students waiting to get in. Mr. Thomas was already there signing people in. we sat in the back corner of the cafeteria and from the corner of my eye I saw Emilee. She was with Aiden, Dominic, and Jocelyn. I didn’t notice I zoned out until someone called my name.

"Hey Derek." it was amber.
"Oh hey."
"Is it okay if I sit with you guys?" she smiled sweetly at me.
"Yea sure."

She sat next to me and got close to me. Riley elbowed me and winked at me. Amber kept trying to flirt with me but I could only focus on one thing, Emilee. I saw as Dominic would flirt with her and she tried not to flirt back.

"Hey you alright?" amber asked me.
"Yea." I lied.
"If you say so." she played with my hair.
"Hit it." Riley whispered and tried covering it by coughing.

We laughed but in the inside I was dying as I saw Emilee with Dominic.

[Emilee's POV]
Thanks to Jocelyn's bright idea to ditch we were stuck in Saturday school. Dominic sat next to me and kept flirting with me. I tried my best to control myself but it would get hard at times.

"Emilee don’t be a tease." Dominic whined.
"Oh so now I'm a tease?"
"Wait no I didn’t mean that."
"No shut up." I punched him.
"Aww Emi don’t get mad." he hugged me.
"Don’t call me Emi." I tried pushing him away but failed.
"Why not Emi?"
"Cuz Emi's a dumb name."
"Well I like that name."
"Well I don’t."

He suddenly bit my cheek causing me to yell and everyone turned to look at us. My face turned bright red and I quickly put my head down. Dominic laughed and put his arm around my shoulder. After four hours being at school it finally finished. We were walking outside when someone bumped into Dominic. We turned and it was Derek.

"Hey watch where you're walking punk!" Dominic yelled to him.
"Why don’t you make me?" Derek got closer to him.
"B*tch do you got a f*cking problem with me?"
"Yea I actually do and what."
"Dominic come on let's go." me and Jocelyn tried to pull him back.
"Derek let's leave. Don’t waste your time on him." a blonde girl hugged him.
"You f*cking b*tch. You better watch your back." Dominic was furious now.

Out of nowhere Derek punched him across the face and Dominic nearly fell back. Dominic quickly reacted and punched him back. He fell back and Dominic got on top of him and they started to fight. They kept on flipping each other over.

"Aiden do something!" I yelled at Aiden.
"Stop!" Jocelyn yelled at the guys.

Aiden tried to pulling them apart but it was unless. Then Jocelyn and me tried too and we finally pulled them apart. Dominic tried going back to Derek but I pulled him away.

"Dominic please don't." I begged him.
"Ok." he control his breathing.

I looked at Derek and his eyes were filled with mixed emotions. I saw the blonde girl run to him and hug him again. A tear escaped my eye but I wiped it away before anyone saw. He got up and she wouldn’t let go of him. I saw as they walked away and my heart broke into pieces.

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