Sorry it's taken me forever to write. I promise I'll make the next chapter better. this one's short and kinda sucky. =/ Well hope you enjoy. Please fave it nd tell me what you think. If I get at least 3 faves and/or comments I'll continue. =].
[[Emilee's POV]]
"Emilee, Emilee." I felt someone tap my shoulder.

I looked away from the paper I was doodling on and looked at my math teacher.

"So do you have last night's homework Emilee?" she asked impatiently.
"Oh yea it's right here." I pulled the sheet out my binder.

She looked at it and walked to the next person. I put the sheet back and started doodling again. I couldn’t think straight and only one thing kept running through my mind. The boy I had crashed into earlier. He looked so familiar but I couldn’t remember where I had seen him before. I started focusing on my doodles again when someone tapped my shoulder again. It was Lily, the girl who sat next to me.

"Hey you okay?" she asked.
"Yea why?"
"Well you seem sorta out of it."
"I'm not high if that's what you're thinking." I said sorta b*tchy.
"No I wasn’t thinking that. Never mind." she sounded embarrassed.
"Oh sorry. Well then what?"
"Nothing just forget it."
"Lily just tell me please." I asked in a little kid voice.
She laughed, "Well it seems like something's on your mind and its bothering you."
"Oh well I don’t know. It's just something it's sorta dumb."
"You can tell me if you want. Maybe I can help you with it."
"Ok there's this boy and he's so cute and he has the most amazing smile ever. I think I'm in love with him but there's just one problem. I don’t even know who he is."
"What do you mean? So he's from your dreams."
"No he's a guy from school. I was walking to class and I crashed into him. When I saw his face I fell hard for him." I sighed in the end.
"Well look for him." she smiled.
I laughed, "Oh yes like if Aiden would let me."
"He doesn’t have to know everything you do." a smirk appeared on her face.
"You got a point there." I hugged her and she laughed.

We kept talking until the bell rung and we put our stuff in our backpacks. She walked to her Spanish class and I went towards Chemistry. I was halfway there when I felt someone's arms around my waist. They picked me up and started spinning around and then put me down. I turned to see who it was and it was Ethan. Jocelyn was next to him and started laughing when I lost my balance and almost fell down. 

"Ugh you stupid jerk. I hit Ethan.
"Sorry." he laughed.

We walked to our Chemistry class and Ethan kept telling us about his tagging he had made on the corner store. I was walking into the classroom when someone bummed into me. It was Aaliyah with Riley next to her. I went towards her but Jocelyn pulled me back.

"Emilee you know you cant fight." she said seriously.
"I wasn’t gunna fight her. I was just gunna rearrange her face." I smiled sweetly at her.
Ethan laughed, "Like if that's a great difference."
"Aye shut up. You're suppose to back me up." I smacked his chest.
"Oh yes and have your brother hurt me cuz I let you fight."

We all laughed and went to sit at our table in the back corner. I went back to drawing and talking to Ethan and Jocelyn when I heard a familiar voice. I looked to the teacher's desk and there stood the boy from earlier today.
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