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[Emilee’s POV]
As we walked back to the park, I started getting a bad feeling. I wanted to tell Derek but he was probably annoyed by me now. We headed to the bench when the car stopped in front of us. Two guys then got off the car and started walking towards us. Derek pulled me closer to him and the guys stopped. One pulled a gun out and pointed it at Derek. There was a loud bang, making me scream and they left off running. I looked to my side and Derek was on the ground. Blood was come out from his chest and his eyes were closed. Dominic and Ryan came running to my side.

“What happen, Emilee?” Ryan asked as Dominic kneed next to Derek.
“Emilee, what happened?” Dominic asked this time.
I tried to answer them but nothing would come out.

“She’s in shock, call 911.” Dominic said to Ryan.
“Okay.” Ryan took out his phone and left to call.
“Emilee, look at me.” Dominic was now by my side.

I hadn’t noticed that my eyes were focused on Derek.

“What happened?” he placed both hands on my face.
“We we we were walking and t-two guys appeared. They they sh-sh-shot him and left running.” my stuttered.

My eyes began to sting as hot tears rolled down my cheeks. Ryan came back and said the ambulance was on there way. He looked at me and pulled me into his arms. I didn’t know how long I cried for but when I stopped the ambulance had arrived and taken Derek to the hospital. I started feeling dizzy as I saw the van drive off and my legs were loosing balance. Before I knew it, everything had tried pitch black.

When I finally woke up, I was laying in a hospital bed. Aiden came running to my side and took my hand.

“Are you okay? Does anything hurt? Want me to get the nurse?” he talked too quickly for me to understand.
“Calm down, Aiden.” Dominic appeared behind him.
“Where’s Derek?” I was surprised my voice sounded right.
“He’s in a coma.” Dominic said low.

Before I could say anything, a nurse walked in and smiled at me.

“Nice to see you’re awake. How are you feeling sweetie.” she came to my side.
“Okay I guess.”
“Well that’s good. You have to start taking better care of yourself if you want your baby to come out healthy.” 
“Wait, wait, wait did you just say baby?” Aiden’s eyes widen.
“Yes I did. Emilee is one month pregnant.”

There was a great silence in the room.

“Oh my. I’m guessing none of you knew.” the nurse seemed embarrassed.
“Not even I knew.” I said.
“Well I should tell the doctor you’re awake now.” she left the room quickly.

No one said anything for awhile. I looked at Aiden and he looked like he was thinking hard. Tom then walked into the room with Vivi by his side.

“Hey how are you feeling.” he walked to my side.
“Okay.” I tried to smile but I couldn’t.
“Is he?” Aiden said.
“No, not him.” 

Tom looked at me confused.

“I’m pregnant.”

The rest of the crew entered the room and started asking how I was feeling. Even with the room packed with people, I still felt alone. I needed Derek by my side especially now that I was going to have his child.

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three comments

Wrote 6 years ago
Haha web I saw the nurse picture I ha a feelin tht she wuld e pregnant:) I hope Derek ends up okay I'm sad this story is endin tho

Wrote 6 years ago
Aww i love it i don't want it to end your such a amazing wrighter!

Wrote 6 years ago
MY LORD!!!! aaahhhhh. what a changee!!!!! VERY GOOD. VERY GOOD.


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