This chapter didn't turn out the way i had planned out. I don't like it at all :/ but that's what i get for not saving the original ending. Well i couldn't chose between the baby pictures so i put both. :D Well this story has came to it's end and sorry if the ending sucks. :( Well enjoy.
[Emilee’s POV]
I woke up screaming and Aiden came running to my side.

“Wh-wh-where am I?” I looked around the room.
“You’re in the hospital.”
“Why? How did I get here?”
“You fainted when we went for you at the park.” Dominic and Ryan appeared behind
“Wait so Derek’s not died?”
“No, he’s in the other room.” Aiden answered.

I smiled realized that everything that had happen was just a dream but did that mean I wasn’t really pregnant. 

The nurse walked and smiled at me.

“Hello, who are you two feeling today?” she asked as she gave me a check up.
“Two?” Aiden looked confused.
“Emilee is pregnant, so she has to take better care of herself now.”

Aiden looked at me and I just smiled at him.

“Well everything seems okay with you. If you need anything let me know.” the nurse headed to the door.
“Is Derek okay?” I asked her.
“Yes, he’s just asleep right now. I’ll let you know when you can see him.”
“Okay, thank you.” 

She smiled and walked out.

“So what’s this that you’re pregnant?” Aiden asked.
“Well aiden when a girl and boy get it on they usually,” Dominic was cut off by Aiden and I laughed.
“I know how but I mean like why?”
“It just happened.”
“If he leaves you, I’m kicking his” Aiden shook his head.
“So you’re okay with it?” I smiled.
“Yes.” he smiled too.

Everyone then entered the room and started asking how I was. They were also happy when they found out I was pregnant and were even willing to accept Derek. Things couldn’t get any better.

*Next Day*
I felt someone next to me as I slept. I slowly opened my eyes and Derek was there.

“Good morning, beautiful.” he smiled and pressed his lips against mine.
“Good morning.” I smiled when he pulled away.
“So how are you feeling?”
“Better, but aren’t you suppose to be resting?”
“Yea, but decided to be rebel and come see you.”
“Really, Derek, really?” I laughed.
“Yes, really Emilee.” he laughed and kissed me again.
“Derek, there’s something I need to tell you.” I placed my hands on my stomach.
“What is it?” 
“I’m pregnant.” I said softly.
“Really?” his face brightened up.
“You’re not mad?”
“Why would I be mad? This is great news.”
“Mister, what are you doing in here?” the nurse walked.
“I-I-I came,” she cut him off.
“You’re supposed to be resting.”
“It’s that I,” she cut him off again.
“I don’t want to hear it. Go back to your room before I call the doctor.”
“But I,”
“But nothing mister.”
“Fine,” he sighed and pressed my lips together to hold my laughter, “I’ll see you later.” he kissed my cheek and walked out.
“So I’m guessing he’s the father.” the nurse said as she checked my pressure.
“Yes he is.”
“He’s a keeper.” she smiled and I knew she was right.

*One Year Later*
“He has your eyes.” Mia said as she held Derek Jr.
“No, he has my eyes.” Derek frowned and we laughed.
“Well I think he has Emilee’s smile.” Dominic took Jr. from Mia.
“Hey.” Mia said.
“I knew Emilee first.” Dominic smiled.
“Can I make an announcement?” Derek said over everyone’s talking.

The room got quiet.

“Well Emilee, we’ve been through a lot together and there’s something I been wanting to tell you,” he got down one knee and pulled out a ring, “Will you marry me?”

I felt my heart jump in enjoy as I jumped into his arms.

“Yes!” I kissed him, nearly knocking us down.

Everyone laughed as they clapped for us. Finally things were the way they’re supposed to be.

In case you’re wondering what ever happened to Katie, Amber, Dominic, and Tom well let me tell you. After I got out the hospital, Katie apologized for everything and we made up. I was never good at holding grudges. Amber ended up leaving town once Katie turned her back on her and no one’s heard of her since. Tom’s band ended up becoming famous and he ended up falling in love with Vivi from Spanish class. They’ve been together for a year now. Dominic kept his promise and became my best friend again. Him and Katie worked things out and are back together again. Life finally was right now.

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