So this is Emilee's tagging krew.
Emilee's the cute good girl with many bad habits. She's complicated and doesn’t really open up to people. She's Aiden's little sister so most boys don’t mess with her. She loves to read, draw, and tag. Emilee's had a rough past but tries to act like it never happened. She's great to be around and very loveable. She's a junior and her tag name is BabyFace.

Jocelyn's a sweet girl and the biggest dork ever. She always full of life and can make anyone smile even when they're at their worst. She's creative, intelligent, and just fun to be around. She's a junior and her tag name is Sweetie.

Brooklyn's an art freak. She always has her drawing book and sharpies with her. She's very complicated and hard to understand. She rather expresses herself with art than words. She's a senior and her tag name is Brooke.

Stephanie's a sweet girl but a b*tch when she's mad. She short for her age but can bring down anyone twice her size. She's preppy with a skater style. She hates to fit in and be unnoticed. She's a junior and her tag name is Shortie.

Aiden's Emilee's older brother. He's laid back and chill which makes him seem intimidating. He's real fun to be around and a good listener. He tries to avoid trouble but it always seems to follow him. He's a senior and his tag name is Fear.

Ethan's the guy everyone wants to be friends with. He's a bookworm but can get down when it comes to tagging. He loves being out and expressing himself on walls. He very private and doesn’t like talking about himself. He's a senior and his tag name is Sega.

Ryan's fun, crazy, and the most random person ever. He isn't very serious and loves to joke around. People don’t like getting on his bad side because then a new side of him appears. He's a junior and his tag name is Crazie.

Dominic's a bad boy with a sweet side seen by few. He usually knows everything that's going on. He's an art freak and his room is filled with spray cans, paint markers, and sharpies. He doesn’t talk much but he's a big flirt. He's a junior and his tag name is Flirt.
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