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  • Forever 21 Tassel Duster Earrings
    Is your outfit missing that certain something to bring it to the next level? Try this pair of duster earrings featuring a faux stone triangle accent with hanging tassels. They'll level up your accessories game no matter what outfit you're rocking for the day. Lightweight. Burnished finish. Fish hook backs. 6" length x 1.5" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Faux Stone Drop Earrings
    With a burnished finish and intricate metalwork these faux stone drop earrings draw romantic inspiration from antique jewelry. Wear them with a simple tee for a look that's modern and very ofthemoment. Lightweight. Fish hook back. 2.75" length x 1" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Unicorn and Stars Stud Set
    This set is meant for any girl with wanderlust! It's complete with unicorns stars rhinestones and simple beaded studs that you can mix and match to create a look all your own. Six pairs 12 earrings total. High polish finish. Post backs. Lightweight. 0.15" 0.25" length x 0.15" 0.32" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Etched Ball-Fringe Hoop Earrings
    We hung these hoops with a striking fan of balltipped fringe that rustles and sways when it catches the breeze then finished them with intricate eyecatching etching (so don't be surprised when people lean in for a closer look). Lightweight. High polish finish. Hook closure. 2" diameter. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Fringed Feather Charm Earrings
    Let your hair down and your free spirit shine when you wear these drop earrings! Bohoinspired accents like etched feather charms and faux suede fringe make these earrings a perfect addition to any jewelry box. Burnished finish. Fish hook. Lightweight. 6" length x 0.25" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Faceted Faux Gem Drop Earrings
    These dazzling drop earrings are inlaid with lightcatching eyepopping faux gems that fan outward from the center. The shape sort of reminds us of glitzy shimmery butterflies pretty apropos considering that this pair is perfect for helping everyday outfits take flight. Midweight. Burnished finish. Post backs. 2.5" length x 1.75" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Hearts & Arrows Earring Set
    Love is in the airaat least with this set of earrings and ear cuffs! It includes two heart ear cuffs plus five pairs of earrings with arrows faux pearls and rhinestoned accents. With so many earrings to choose from you'll have a pair to wear each day of the week. Two ear cuffs and five pairs of earrings twelve earrings total. Lightweight. High polish and matte finish. Post backs. 0.10" 0.25" diameter. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Faux Stone Stud Set
    The three pairs of flagshaped studs in this sleek set are graduated in size and set with sharply angled faux stones faceted to catch and reflect light (because a little eyecatching shine never hurt anyone). Lightweight. High polish finish. Post backs. 0.4" 0.6" length x 0.25" width. Three pairs six earrings total. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Faux Gem Flower Stud Set
    This set's mix of rhinestoned hearts and flowers lacquered roses and polished ball studs means a pair for every mood (and every outfit). Lightweight. High polish finish. Post backs. "0.25 0.5"length x 0.25" 0.5" width. Six pairs twelve earrings total. Imported.
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  • Forever 21 Ball Charm Earrings and Bangle Set
    Finding all the right accessories can be tricky but this set makes it easy! Its bangle and ring are sleek with two ball charms on each end. Its pair of studs feature a bauble in front and back for you to show them off when your hair is pulled up in a messy topknot. High polish finish. Post backs. Lightweight. 0.75" length x 0.5" width of earrings 2.5" diameter of bracelet 0.6" diameter of ring. Imported.
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  • Forever 21 Spiked Rhinestone Stud Set
    This stud set has a whole lot of sparkle with a hint of edge! Two pairs of rhinestoned spike studs complement two pairs of simple rhinestone studs mix and match for a unique look. Four pairs eight earrings total. High polish finish. Post backs. Lightweight. 0.15" 0.35" length x 0.15" 0.25" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Faux Stone Chandelier Earrings
    Like an heirloom passed down through generations these chandelier earrings are reminiscent of an artdeco past rich in luxury and decadence. Three tiers of faux stone clusters attached by mini chain links adorn this glimmering pair. Wear them when you need to add a good dose of antique glam to your day. High polish finish. Lightweight. Fishhook back. 4.5" length x 1" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Geo Cutout Hoop Set
    Embrace your freespirited side with this set of eight hoops. They feature etched and cutout geo shapes for a fun and funky vibe. We love them with a simple topknot and bold lip to emphasize each pair's unique shape. Four pairs eight earrings total. Lightweight. Burnished finish. Post backs. 0.5" 1" diameter. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Tasseled Filigree Drop Earrings
    These highimpact drop earrings are detailed with intricate art decoinspired filigree and hanging tassels. The result a super glamorous slightly architectural piece of wearable art (they're that special). Lightweight. High polish finish. Fish hook backs. 5" length x 1" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Rhinestone Stud and Hoop Set
    Sharply angled and set with faceted rhinestones for a serious dose of sparkle the geoshaped studs and highimpact hoops in this set are a great way to give an everyday outfit a little somethingaextra. Lightweight. High polish finish. Post & lever backs. 0.2" 2" length x 0.1" 0.5" width. Four pairs eight earrings total. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Beaded Dreamcatcher Earrings
    Guard yourself against bad vibes (and bad dreams of course) with these dreamcatcher drop earrings. Complete with faux stones dangling beads and etched leaves this eclectic pair looks best with equally bold boho pieces (think piles of tribalinspired jewelry luxe faux fur vests maxi skirts and the like). Burnished finish. Fish hook back. Midweight. 3" length x .95" 1.75" width. Imported.
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  • Forever 21 Mixed Geo Stud Set
    Wearing a printed blouse? Complement it with one of these geoshaped faux gem studs. This set includes a pair of square triangle rectangle oval circle and of course heartshaped studs. Running out of options will definitely not be a problem. Six pairs 12 earrings total. High polish finish. Post backs. Lightweight. 0.2" 0.35" length x 0.2" 0.3" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Etched Drop Earrings
    Your plans to dance the night away just got so much more exciting with this pair of drop earrings! A beautiful etched medallion features beaded fringe and flat diamondshaped charms. Pull your hair back into a sleek pony to really show these off. Burnished. Post backs. Lightweight. 3" length x 0.8" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 by boe Chain Bow Earrings
    Based in New York City by boe specializes in modern intimately detailed jewelry that is handmade in sterling silver and 14k gold filled. We are swooning over these sweet Chain Bow Earrings. Tuck your soft locks behind your ears to let this dainty pair lightly sway with every step you take. Not available for instore returns .14k gold filled high polish finish. Post backs. Lightweight. 0.5" length x 0.35" width. USA.
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  • Forever 21 Faux Gem Geo Stud Set
    With five pairs of earrings you will have no excuse not to decorate your ears to complement your daily outfits! This set includes faux gem studs in different shapes including circles teardrops and squares. Five pairs ten earrings total. High polish finish. Post backs. 0.25" 0.5" length x 0.1" 0.2"width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Flower Rhinestone Stud Set
    Sparkling flower rhinestone studs are the main attraction of this set which also gives you classic rhinestone faux pearl and round pairs. Whatever combination you wear you're sure to shine. Five pairs ten earrings total. High polish finish. Lightweight. Post backs. 0.125" 0.375" diameter. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Hoops and Rhinestone Stud Set
    With a set this versatile you can bet getting ready in the morning will be so much faster! Featuring small hoops matchsticks geoshaped cutouts and rhinestone studs this set is ready for a day at school or a date night at the movies. Six pairs 12 earrings total. High polish finish. Post backs. Lightweight. 0.07" 0.55" length x 0.07" 0.6" width. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Burnished Chandelier Earrings
    Adorn your ears with something special like this pair of chandelier earrings. They feature hanging burnished charms and an etched striped design. We think we found your top knot's new best friend. Lightweight. Fish hook backs. 4.5" length x 1.25" width. Made in China.
  • Forever 21 Triangle Stud and Necklace Set
    Simple delicate and visually interesting this necklace and earring set appeases all our style sensibilities. It features a faux stone triangle stud pair for days when you want to ditch your usual rhinestone set. The necklace features a highshine bar and triangle charm for a matching yet totally unique look. This stylish and edgy set will complement all of your looks as well as they complement each other. Two earrings one necklace total. Lightweight. High polish finish. Lobster clasp post backs. Chain length 17" Decor 1.9" width x 0.1" length 0.35" diameter Earring diameter 0.35" diameter. Imported.
  • Forever 21 Ornate Drop Earrings
    Your cocktail attire is already stunning on its own but why not take it to the next level? This pair of circlular drop earrings will elevate your look to new heights. They feature an ornate burnished cutout design that will complement your topknot and smoky eye flawlessly. Lightweight. Burnished finish. Fish hook backs. 2.25" length x 2.15" width. Imported.