I'd like to introducing my second fab song from Overdose mini album.

but first a hot fancam staring KaiHun
Love Love Love:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTR1FTnjKek
(the best fancam ever)
you sure have to believed me i watched it over 1000 times haha<3

Only Kai:http://www.youtube.com/watch?

Clean Audio

I'm not sure i ever make set just KaiHun together or not? (but i already have KaiHun Grazia in draft <3)

Beside TaeKai an obvious friend in SM,i really admired KaiHun friendship(EXO friends),i spent many time enought to see these 2 caring towards to each other (not an OTP way) when Kai got injured,fell from crazy fans always there Sehun with him.
and when Sehun get lost also Kai looking to find him.

cutie pie in comebo.

i have many draft sets and this set old enough photos were from Golden disk award(left) to before Wolf comeback(below),in HK Wolf (right).
i keep it very looooong time+fashion in this set is new.

YAY YAY...Starting my new day with KaiHun and idh work to do today happy for day off,wanna hugs meows,eat more yummy at home and watching dramas:))) @color-me-red good morning??
not a weird set right?

#personalstyle #friendship
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