Forever is a very long time.

okayy, so this set is dedicated to Paola ♥♣! She is really sweet, and ive been attempting to give her tips, but i suck at explaining things, so im glad that she understood what i was trying to tell her! :D

her sets are getting really good too :)

please check her out:


OH! while i was making this, and thought of the "forever is a very long time" quote, i started singing that winnie the pooh song lol. you know?
it goes something like
" a very long time, pooh." -christopher robin
"forever...isnt long at all, when im with you." -pooh 

and i thought it went veryyyyy well with edward & bella :)

haha :D

yepp ♥

please lemme know what you think :D

100% beachchickxoxo's! PLEASE DONT STEAL!

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